What is Google Trends for?

What is Google Trends for?

Keywords. Whether you want to place them in strategic places in your articles, in the tags of your pages or in the urls of your pages, the keyword is an important component of the SEO referencing of your website. To check the trends of certain keywords and above all to find others easily, Google has thought it good to offer webmasters a service made for that: Google Trends.

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends (formerly Google Insights for Search) allows you to quickly and easily find the search trends of Internet users entered on the Google search engine. This free online service makes it possible to represent in the form of graphs keyword search volume according to the geographical dimension and time. The data is updated daily.

// https://trends.google.fr/trends/

How does Google Trends work?

Google Trends reveals the calculation of the number of searches on keywords typed by Internet users compared to the total number of searches carried out on Google in a given period of time. As a result, you can see over time whether or not there is interest in a specific keyword.

Here are some notable features of this Google Trends tool:

  • Discover the search trends of one or more keywords. Ideal for comparing singular or plural keywords.
  • Find out the most searched word between two words.
  • Learn related keywords in progression and popular.
  • Know the popularity of keywords according to several criteria: countries, regions, cities
  • Know the value of keywords over a given period by assigning a value from 0 to 100. 100 being the maximum score.

Google Trends is a valuable tool for referencing your site, especially if you have one or more products available for sale. It is indeed very valuable when writing posts on social networks, articles or product sheets, to know the popularity rating of a keyword related to your product in a targeted geographical area and a given period.

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