NBA Les Warriors de Curry et Durant

Attacked by someone close to KD, Steph Curry responds and laughs!

While he has just won everything during the last season in the NBA, Steph Curry was recently criticized by someone close to Kevin Durant. A rather curious outing, but we were impatiently awaiting the Chef’s response, which was not long in coming. During a recent interview, he did not hesitate to allude to this lunar statement.

NBA champion, MVP of the finals and even of the All-Star Game, Steph Curry has just had a perfect season. He intends to do it again next year, even if some still have doubts about the Warriors. It will be necessary to answer on the floor, especially since in the case of the Chief, a recent declaration made noise. Mike James, close to Kevin Durant, tackled the Dubs point guard regarding his “one-dimensional” game.

Steph Curry has fun with criticism!

Concretely, and if Steph is gifted in certain aspects, it is not the case everywhere, to the point that James prefers the snub of his top 5. As you can imagine, the fans did not appreciate the declaration, especially when we see the season dropped by Baby Face. The latter has just alluded to this outing during an appearance at a training camp, with a little mockery.

Question: “A 1vs1 against a side player, how does it end?” »

Steph: “Very bad for them. Very very bad, even though I’m a one-dimensional player… Sorry I’m so petty (laughs). But I love that phrase so much, I’ll save it somewhere. »

No doubt, Curry got wind of James’s words, but prefers to have fun. And we can understand the Chief, especially after an incredible campaign with Golden State.

Are they going to give him extra motivation for this year? When are they going to learn? Maybe when he gets 6 (rings).

Steph continues to hear criticism and downplaying of her performances after her fourth ring. If he can stay healthy all season, the league is on notice…the third MVP is on the way.

Disrespecting Steph Curry like this, and after such a season? It does not take more to motivate the Warrior, who will want to close a few mouths next year with the Dubs. Fans won’t want to miss this.

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