Evan Fournier répond sans détour à Damian Lillard !

Evan Fournier responds directly to Damian Lillard!

Rather discreet for a few months, Damian Lillard came out of silence recently, about the young people who will land in the NBA in the future. For him, there is a real mentality problem, which the Blazers point guard wants to fix. Evan Fournier, active on his twitter account, did not take long to react to this statement.

Should young people be worried about the future of the NBA? The answer is yes for Damian Lillard, very concerned for the generations to come. Quite discreet for some time, the fault in particular of an injury, the leader remains very involved outside the floors. With his current mentality, including his loyalty to Portland, Dame isn’t a big fan when it comes to youngsters arriving in the future:

I was in college, and I thought to myself that I had to deserve all this. During the combined draft, I was afraid of finishing in the second round, or of not being chosen. But if you ask these kids in this camp, they all think they’re going to end up in the NBA. There is no doubt about it for them. It’s the culture today, they expect to end up in the NBA. I remember these interviews where we ask young people where they want to play, and they answer that they want to be in a good situation, a team where they will often have the ball.

I could never have said that at their age. I would have answered to win the championship, and that’s why I’m doing this training camp, to change that way of thinking. There is no more humility, everything is wrong now. You have to show them how to manage all that, so that it becomes natural for them, what they think. By operating in this way, they will no longer need to pretend.

Evan Fournier in support of Damian Lillard!

A real job for Lillard, not happy with the current mentality. A spot in the NBA? It is earned, it is not given. An important mission for Lady, who can count on support after this speech, including Evan Fournier. The Frenchman did not drop a long message, but he approves:

Lady always on top 💯

Should we worry about the next generation? For Damian Lillard, the answer is clearly yes. The point guard wants to help these youngsters prepare for the future, and that’s to his credit. In any case, he is not the only one to think so, like Evan Fournier. Let’s hope other stars share their knowledge, for the sake of the youth.

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