NBA La réponse sanglante de Durant aux moqueries

In the turmoil, Kevin Durant sends a big message to the haters!

Kevin Durant has been in turmoil since his request to trade away from Brooklyn. While everyone NBA speculate about him for weeks, the player has decided to send a message to all the haters who feed on his setbacks.

Kevin Durant is in a rather special situation right now… Everyone knows in the NBA, he would like to leave the Nets and join another title contender, ideally the Heat or the Suns, but no franchise wants to meet the expectations of the Nets in a possible exchange. If nothing moves, he could well find himself stuck in Brooklyn for the upcoming season.

Faced with this eventuality, which is more and more probable, number 7 has decided to make an appointment with the owner of the Joe Tsai franchise, no doubt to clean up their relationship and better prepare for the next exercise… Despite the tensions, it is clear that Steve Nash still has a team at his disposal that is largely capable of playing for the title.

Kevin Durant wants to forget the controversies

And if the information on this file fuses in the media, the player has still not expressed himself publicly to justify his choices and his requests. We will still have to wait for those who want to know, since if we are to believe the message sent to his haters on social networks, he has no intention of breaking the silence. He only has one thing in mind, work.

More work, less bullshit

In the heart of the summer, Kevin Durant no longer wants to hear about all the rumors, all the scandals concerning his franchise, he wants to concentrate on work. In any case, this is what we understand in front of the story of the player, who highlighted the ground built by his foundation in the streets of Tokyo, to allow young Japanese people to discover this beautiful sport that is basketball.

Unfortunately for him, controversy is never far away with the Nets, who have a player as volatile as Kyrie Irving and a character like Ben Simmons. If he wanted to live a quiet “end” of his career, KD might have had to join another institution, much more stable historically.

For the rest of the summer, and maybe even next season if he stays in Brooklyn, Kevin Durant won’t want to talk about anything other than what he’s been doing on the court and in his community… He could therefore reach an exceptional level in the field!

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