2 franchises en pôle pour Donovan Mitchell s'il quitte le Jazz !

“It will take at least that to recover Donovan Mitchell”

Everything suggests that Donovan Mitchell will leave the Jazz by the end of his career, and even long before. The star is keen to win titles, while his team appears to be signing up for a rebuild. A departure has been discussed for a few weeks, but unlikely as it stands. And for good reason, Danny Ainge asks for a mountain to give up his player.

After Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell could be the next to leave the Jazz. The franchise would like to start a long reconstruction, which is not possible if Spida is around. We know that discussions have taken place with suitors, but without necessarily reaching an agreement. Danny Ainge wants to give up the star, but asks for a massive counterpart, which like Kevin Durant, especially scares away those concerned.

Knowing that Rudy Gobert reported 5 first rounds of draft (including a player from the last vintage), it is a new barometer that has been set up in the league. The Nets will never let KD go for less than that, and this sentence is also true for Mitchell, who will bring big money to his franchise. For now, we can say that things are off to a bad start, even if recent discussions change everything.

The massive consideration requested by the Jazz for Mitchell

This Friday, we learned that the Jazz discussed with the Lakers and the Knicks. The idea? A trade with three franchises, which will allow New York to recover Spida. The Angelinos are getting players capable of helping them to the title, while Utah doesn’t want players, but rather draft rounds. A version confirmed by Michael Scotto, which suggests that only NYK can make the difference.

According to some NBA executives, who have spoken to the Jazz to trade Donovan Mitchell, Utah is looking to get as many draft rounds as possible, and doesn’t give a damn about players to win games right away. Utah is looking for a massive counterpart, even higher than that of Rudy Gobert, who made it possible to recover 4 first draft rounds, even a 5th with Walker Kessler.

It’s no surprise to see the Jazz asking an even higher price for Mitchell. If the trade is validated, Ainge will not hesitate to exchange the rest of the roster, like Patrick Beverley, or Jordan Clarkson. But the teams are warned, it will be necessary to be convincing:

For some people, the Jazz will probably require at least 5 first rounds of picks to sell Donovan Mitchell in the market. For others, it will probably be necessary to climb to 6.

Recovering Donovan Mitchell is possible this summer, but not without dropping an absolutely staggering counterpart. The Knicks can afford it, but who really wants to give up 6 first rounds for a single player? Not even New York. Just like Kevin Durant, it will probably be necessary to integrate other franchises into the deal.

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