La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, a avoué conseillé sans relâche un All-Star depuis ses premiers pas dans la ligue

LeBron’s future already decided? The King would have made his choice!

Recently eligible for a new contract extension with the Lakers, LeBron James should make a decision in the near future. He could send a strong message to his team, or else keep his options open for the summer of 2023, with his son Bronny no longer far from the NBA. According to ESPN, the player would have made his choice, even if the discussions continue.

It’s the future of LeBron James who has been playing for a few weeks, with his possible contract extension with the Lakers. Earlier in the week, the King received authorization to negotiate with his organization, to find an agreement on a new deal. He could get two more years of contract, for $97.1 million. No debate on the money involved, although we know that James likes to keep his options open.

LeBron James ready to join the Lakers?

By being a free agent in 2023, the native of Akron could jump ship and join another title contender, at 38 years old. There is also the remarkable arrival of Bronny in the NBA, at least if the talent follows, and we know that LeBron wants to play with him. This contract extension with the Angelinos is therefore very far from guaranteed, but ESPN reports good news on the file.

All signs point to both parties looking to extend their partnership. This has already led to a title in 2020, and two playoff appearances. Generally speaking, both clans know they can help each other achieve their goal of staying at the highest level possible, when the other also wants to stay one of the best players in the league.

Everything suggests that LeBron will stay at the Lakers with a new extension, he who still wants to continue his adventure in the City of Angels, despite the last season. If all goes well, the signing will take place before the resumption, in September:

good news

LeBron James is going to stay at the Lakers, even though he’s still missing the signing. The Lakers want to keep him, while the player is very happy with his life in the City of Angels. The fact that he does not sign his extension before the start of the school year would be a real surprise.

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