Un autre coup de massue pour Anthony Davis et les Lakers ?

New viral humiliation for Anthony Davis!

The offseason has not been easy for Anthony Davis, who has had to face some heavy criticism. It is not over, since he has just been badly ridiculed on social networks. The tackle is unfortunately as gratuitous as it is justified.

It’s not just Russell Westbrook who will have to make amends after a disastrous 2021-22 season. His teammate Anthony Davis was not at his best last year either, he who played less than half of the matches. Since the coronation of the Purples and Golds in 2020, the interior has simply been absent from the Lakers. He knows it very well, and the latest news reveals thathe is actively working on getting back to his best.

For that, he will finally have to manage to stay on his two legs, his eternal problem since he became a professional basketball player. He certainly hyped the fans as rarely by appearing ultra-sharp a short time ago, but that does not guarantee that he will not end up on the floor… Some supporters are well aware of this and no longer hesitate to make fun of him for it. A Tweetos notably created a fake breaking news about him, inventing a scenario as WTF as it is humiliating:

Anthony Davis smashed for his physical fragility

Anthony Davis, who was training for basketball activities, is expected to be sidelined for the start of the Lakers season after hitting his knee on a coffee table.

If Internet users have come to understand that it was a hoax, the fact is that many people believed it in the first place. Not so surprising, since we are more used to seeing AD in the infirmary than in uniform on the court. The tackle is therefore violent, but also quite justified… It didn’t stop there for the big man, who spent a bad quarter of an hour with the fans. The latter are clearly fed up with his repeated absences:

This guy is a fucking disaster. What a waste of money.

I wouldn’t be surprised even if it were true, because it’s AD what lmao

Anthony Davis is going to have some things to be forgiven for this season, judging by the humiliation he just suffered on Twitter. The interior of the Lakers must finally manage to stay healthy. The success of his family depends on it, but also his own reputation.

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