Plyaoffs NFL – Kansas City – Cincinnati (24-27) – Super Bowl, here they are: the Bengals bring down Mahomes and the Chiefs

Plyaoffs NFL – Kansas City – Cincinnati (24-27) – Super Bowl, here they are: the Bengals bring down Mahomes and the Chiefs

I’m tired of this story of outsiders. There are no outsiders. We’re here to go all the way” Joe Burrow had announced the color and he added the actions to the word. Cincinnati and its young quarterback, who had not won a single playoff game for thirty years, have just won three in three weeks and will play the Super Bowl on February 13, in Los Angeles.After putting the number one seed of the AFC, Tennessee, on vacation, the Bengals went to win in Kansas City on Sunday, at the end of a new match at suspense, since they snatched their qualification in overtime (24-27).

Joe Burrow and Cincinnati will go to the Super Bowl!

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It’s a sensation, one more in these playoffs destined to remain in the annals. The Chiefs were seeking a third consecutive Super Bowl. After a delicate start to the season, they had lost only one of their last twelve meetings. It was already in Cincinnati, at the end of the regular season. But this time, in their lair of Arrowhead, they seemed able to avoid falling into the trap. The least we can say is that it all started well for Andy Reid’s men: three touchdowns on their first three possessions to take an 18-point lead (21-3) five minutes from half. -time.


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But these Bengals never panic, as if they were old veterans of the playoffs. This game started to turn in the last two minutes of the second quarter. First on a touchdown from Samaje Perine, on a pass from Joe Burrow. 21-10. Cincinnati was revived. In the aftermath, Kansas City terribly mismanaged its final possession before halftime. Bad time management and a catastrophic last play when they were one yard from the “end zone”. Why didn’t you secure the three points via a field goal? Was there overconfidence?

Mahomes less lucid than Burrow

Still, as in the previous duel between the two teams, on returning from the locker room, the Chiefs disappeared from circulation. A field goal, then another touchdown from Ja’Marr Chase served by Burrow (already a great NFL classic) and finally three new points from rookie kicker Evan McPherson put the visitors in front for the first time, six minutes from the end (21-24).

On his last drive, Kansas City managed to snatch the extension at the last second, but again, the management of Patrick Mahomes challenged. The Chiefs gave the impression of being obsessed with not giving the opposition time rather than playing the touchdown. Probably a sequel to last weekend…

Mahomes even failed to commit the irreparable with a fumble on the very last action, fortunately covered by Travis Kelce. Whatever. It was only delaying the deadline. Winners of the toss, the Chiefs started with overtime on offense, but Kansas City’s star quarterback, looking for the long pass, was intercepted. Behind, Joe Burrow directed his drive masterfully, before the McPherson, one of the heroes of these playoffs, did not end at the end to send his Bengals from a 31-yard field goal to paradise.

Patrick Mahomes, he lost the flame. Never, since the beginning of his career, Kansas City had lost a game after being at least 15 points ahead. After starting with a festival (17 of 19, 220 yards and three touchdowns), he completely died out: 9 of 20, 55 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions. Did he see himself too handsome, too soon? He now has the whole off-season to think about it.


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