POKEMON THE MOVIE: EVERYONE'S STORY, trailer of the new animated film [Actus Ciné]

POKEMON THE MOVIE: EVERYONE’S STORY, trailer of the new animated film [Actus Ciné]

On the occasion of Pokemon Day 2018, Pokemon The Movie: Everyone’s Storythe twenty-first anime feature film unveils a new trailer ahead of its release in Japan in July.


Nothing stops the madness pokemon whether in video games or in the cinema. Proof of this is the release of the new animated feature Pokemon The Movie: Everyone’s Story or in VO Pocket Monster: Minna no Monogatari on Friday, July 13 in Japanese cinemas. Still without a release date in France, there is a good chance that its release will be as confidential as that of the previous film released only on the network. CGR for just 12 days last November.

Following directly on Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!this twenty-first film in the saga will continue the reboot initiated in the previous film which offers an arc variation of the series The Orange Islands and the second feature film in the generation Moon and Sun. Taking place at Fura City during the Festival of the Wind which celebrates the pokemon legendary Lugia, Pokemon The Movie: Everyone’s Story will see Sasha Ketchum and Pikachu meet five inhabitants of this city: Lisa a high school girl who starts in the capture of pokemon, kagachi a boaster who can’t help lying, Torito a shy seeker who lacks self-confidence, Hisui an eccentric old lady who hates pokemon and Largo a mysterious girl who lives alone in the forest.


Pokemon The Movie: Everyone’s Story is still produced by the studio OLM at work on films and series pokemon since 1997 which is also really specialized in successful licenses since we also owe them, among other things, the animated adaptations of Inazuma Eleven, Yo-Kai Watch, Tamagotchi Where beyblade. They are associated on the film with Wit Studioknown for the series The attack of the Titans and Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress, who had already worked on the previous film. Proof that a page is turning, the director Kunihiko Yuyama who had directed the first twenty films leaves the hand at 65 years old to Tetsuo Yajimayoung 33-year-old director to whom we owe the series Pokemon: XY. However, he remains animation supervisor.

Pokemon The Movie: Everyone's Story

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