Le meneur star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, vient de franchir une première étape dans sa course contre la montre avant les playoffs

Steph Curry Top 10 all-time or not? The Chef slices cash!

Now a quadruple champion, is Stephen Curry one of the ten best players in history? The question has been raging on social networks since the Warriors’ coronation. Recently questioned on the subject, the leader delivered an answer as frustrating as it is logical.

Few players have such a prestigious track record as Stephen Curry. The 33-year-old Golden State legend is already a four-time champion, two-time regular season MVP as well as Finals MVP in 2021-22 and two-time league leading scorer. To top it all off, he’s also the best shooter we’ve ever seen on a basketball court. In the eyes of many, all of that is enough to make him an all-time Orange Ball Top 10 member, a very hot topic.

Unsurprisingly, the debate is raging among the NBA community, fans and observers tearing each other apart while the media openly ask the question at regular intervals, thus maintaining the flame. A trend that Baby Face also sees with a rather bad eye, as he had entrusted to the site Complex in an interview ahead of the ESPY Awards. Far from giving his opinion, the crazy shooter prefers to let people form their own opinion on the matter:

Stephen Curry doesn’t want to talk about Top 10 all-time

This is for the fans and all the “experts”. I don’t even want to call them experts anymore, but rather “those people on TV who cover our sport and whose job it is to try to create drama” when it comes to talking about lists, rankings, who’s the best right now and stuff like that. I think anyone who knows basketball knows that’s how you talk about real basketball: there’s a shortlist of guys that every team would like to have and there’s a shortlist of guys who impact winning and who do it on a regular basis.

When you’re in that category, whether it’s in a current leaderboard or in an all-time discussion, and you’ve earned the respect of your peers, then those are the kinds of conversations we want to have. Everyone’s ranking is different, that’s the beauty of it. Out of 10 different people you will have 10 different Top 10 and that’s what’s great.

The Chief could not kick in touch more clearly for once, but we can not say that his argument is devoid of logic. Draw up a ranking of players is a matter of subjectivity whatever happens, because beyond the achievements, whether it is the performances or the prize list, there is necessarily the affective aspect which comes into play at one time or another. other. Some players say it themselves, they worship particular legends over others because they saw them play growing up.

That being said, when we know that the number 30 is still far from retirement, we think that he still has a few years ahead of him to change the minds of the remaining skeptics. Even though one of its stars is about to leave, Golden State remains a natural favorite for its own succession in 2022-23. If ever the Dubs manage to snatch a fifth championship ring under the Steve Kerr era, then no doubt the pro-Currys will be even more numerous in a year.

Stephen Curry won’t talk about whether he’s a Top 10 all-timer or not, leaving it up to fans and journalists to make up their own minds on the matter. Still, there’s no denying that Baby Face is one of the greatest players of all time.

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