Riley Curry était dépitée devant son cadeau d'anniversaire

Steph Curry’s Bad 10th Birthday Gift to Riley!

Riley Curry is no longer the little girl who disturbed her father’s press conferences a few years ago… She is now approaching adolescence, since she has just celebrated her 10th birthday, and she obviously received a gift for the occasion… A special gift.

Stephen Curry has been in the euphoria of the title for several months, but the time has now come to work. After having scoured the nightclubs of California with his title of MVP of the Finals, after a vacation in France with his wife Ayesha, the leader is back home for his traditional camp. He also distinguished himself in martyring the poor boarderswho do not yet measure up with their high school experience.

And because he made his return to the Bay of San Francisco, Stephen Curry also takes the opportunity to spend time with his children. His daughter Riley has just celebrated her birthday, an event that the number 30 of the Warriors has decided to document on social networks. He obviously had a gift to celebrate… but a rather special one.

Steph Curry gives her daughter shoes…

It’s obvious… Curry 10s for 10 year olds!!! Happy Birthday Riley 🎂🎉

Riley Curry is 10 years old already, her parents had to celebrate it in style… For the occasion, the Chef had a very special idea: to offer a pair of Curry 10 to his eldest, in tribute to her age. A cute attention and which highlights its success, but which denotes with what one can expect from a birthday girl of a millionaire. On social networks in any case, Internet users have not missed Warriors No. 30:

She meant they suck

Getting a pair of Curry’s for my birthday would ruin my year.

Stephen Curry is multimillionaire, but for his daughter’s birthday, 10 years, an important milestone in life, he decided to give her a pair of shoes in his name, without spending a single dollar. A choice misunderstood by fans.

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