Mariah Rose, fille de Jalen, a parlé de Kobe

The daughter of a player cracks: “I would have put a right to Kobe”

Kobe Bryant traumatized many players on the court, and the families of some still remember it. Moreover, the daughter of the victim Mamba’s favorite reacted to this situation, and she confessed that she would have been ready to fight in her father’s place.

Whether Kobe Bryant was so appreciated by the fans during his career with the Lakers, it is in part because he martyred all his opponents with an exceptional technique and mentality. The Mamba has indeed many brilliant actions to its credit, and on social networks, it is regularly that they make the buzz. It must be said that his confidence, even his arrogance, gave exceptional sequences:

Jalen Rose’s daughter explains how to stop Kobe Bryant

And the Raptors are definitely his favorite victims, since a few years before humiliating Terrence Ross in this way, he had distinguished himself by planting 81 points on the head of poor Jalen Rose. Moreover, the latter’s daughter has just released a viral and particularly degrading TikTok for her father. Concretely, she would have preferred him to fight with the Mamba, rather than being destroyed in this way.

When I was 11, on Twitter, I only talked about Justin Bieber, I was a kind of fan account. And every time I posted something, in the replies, everyone just said “81 points”. Me personally, I would not have accepted this lack of respect, someone who puts 81 points on my head… I would have feigned the injury. Shoulder, knee…

They should have pulled out the wheelchair to get me out, I would have done a LeBron James theatrical performance. Nobody could have scored 81 points on my head. If necessary I would have been expelled for 6 faults, I would have put a right to Kobe. The 81 points are my father, not me. As soon as I see that we are approaching 50 points, I leave.

Mariah Rose does not really understand how her father could accept her fate in this way, how he did not get angry and commit an attack on the floor. Instead of Jalen, she would have started making mistakes after about fifty points, before coming to blows if necessary, or feigning an injury. We can laugh, but the Raptors player had the merit of not giving up.

Jalen Rose will go down in league history as the one who mainly defended Kobe Bryant on the evening of 81 points… An “feat” that his daughter visibly regrets, and with which she does not want to be associated. With Mariah on the field, the Mamba would have been physically pushed around.

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