La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, n'a pas apprécié le gros manqué coupable de Russell Westbrook en prolongation face aux Houston Rockets

“The Lakers are desperate, they know what they have to do”

The start of the school year is not necessarily very far for the Lakers players, who will begin their training camp in September. It is possible that the members of the roster will meet even before, but no one knows if Russell Westbrook will be invited. The franchise is looking to get rid of him, but time isn’t helping.

Still favorites for the title a few seasons ago, the Lakers are very far from such a status for the new campaign. We know that the franchise is still aiming for the ring, especially with a LeBron James around, but the last exercise left its mark. Anthony Davis must learn to stay healthy, while the soap opera Russell Westbrook worry. Rob Pelinka is looking for a way out, but he hasn’t been able to find one so far.

Time is running out on Russell Westbrook

There are many possible agreements with the Nets, or even a franchise like the Thunder, but the Purple and Gold must drop two first round picks for that. Pelinka refuses to threaten the future of the organization for a single player, which means that the Lakers will have to be patient. Nevertheless, and for Shannon Sharpe, the franchise is running out of time with the recovery approaching.

Everyone in the league knows the Lakers are desperate. They want to move Russell Westbrook, and the clock is ticking on LeBron James. But to get rid of the player, it’s going to cost two first rounds of picks, because the franchises know how much the Lakers want to turn this page. The teams want to recover the most assets from the Lakers.

Indeed, the entire league knows that Westbrook is available, but no one has an obligation to collect him. This is why the teams ask so much of the Angelinos, who are not in the same situation. Winning the title with Brodie around? Highly unlikely.

The Lakers obviously have other issues, but trading Westbrook is a start. For Colin Cowherd, it is in any case clear that the front office wants to move on. It remains to be seen whether they will find an agreement before the resumption:

From what I understand, the Lakers absolutely want to move Russell Westbrook. They want him to leave the franchise soon. It almost seems like a humiliation, so that the person concerned says to himself: “I’m not going to come back, I want to leave!” “. They think Westbrook is a toxic person. Personally, I don’t think he’s a starter yet, more of a bench player. Maybe I’m wrong about that.

The Lakers will try to find a way out for Russell Westbrook until the restart, but we can say that it got off to a bad start. It is likely that the leader makes another freelance with the Angelinos, which could have a direct influence on his future. With low interest, Russ is playing big next year.

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