The WNBA forgets the logic of positions for its best five

The WNBA forgets the logic of positions for its best five

On September 15, the WNBA will reveal its two best five of the season. New for this year: voters will no longer have to select two fullbacks, two wingers and a pivot as before. Voting for future All-WNBA teams will be done regardless of player position.

To reform the system, the women’s league consulted the coaches and General Managers of the 12 franchises. ” It became clear that the most deserving players, regardless of position, should be rewarded at the end of the season “, displays Bethany Donaphin, head of operations of the WNBA.

Our game continues to evolve. While the emphasis is on ‘spacing’ and the rhythm of play, the players have broadened their technical palette. This process change will allow us to reward the best of the best “, continues the leader whose league has the same trophies as the NBA (MVP, MIP, rookie, coach or leader of the year…).

Note that the voters – around fifty media representatives for 10 of the 12 trophies – will have to respect the logic of positions to elect the best five defensive players, unlike the “WNBA All-Rookie” team.

This announcement comes as the NBA recently said it was considering eliminating positions for its All-NBA Teams.

“One wonders if journalists shouldn’t choose the best players and not just the best players in each position. The league is moving more and more towards positionless basketball and the current voting system can lead to injustices on your position. So it’s something we’re going to watch closely. », explained Adam Silver early June.

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