Vasilije Micic: "I felt a certain doubt coming from the NBA"

Vasilije Micic: “I felt a certain doubt coming from the NBA”

The deadline was July 20. After this time, Vasilije Micic announced he was staying at Anadolu Efes Istanbul with whom he became a two-time champion and two-time reigning Euroleague Final Four MVP. A few days earlier, the Serb had nevertheless assured that he had ” really want to make the leap to the NBA.

I stayed in Efes. But even before the deadline, I was at peace with any possible development. Everything is going so well with me, I wouldn’t say anything that could harm my relationship with the team. “, Displays the leader, whose remarks are taken up by Eurohoops, after an interview for a Balkan media.

The 28-year-old basketball player adds: It didn’t happen but I’m calm. This one will still have to wait, or not…, before reaching this “ next step that the American League embodies.

It is recalled that he interested some NBA franchises like the Nuggets, the Bucks, the Spurs or the Bulls. But his rights belong to the Thunder, and without a trade, he couldn’t join the team of his choice.

I sensed some doubt coming from the NBA. This doubt extends to everyone in a similar position, not exclusively to me. Unless you are Nikola Jokic Where Luka Doncic “, continues all the same the future teammate of the double NBA MVP at the next EuroBasket.

The latter, currently in preparation with his selection, thus suggests that he has not obtained the guarantees sought, both in terms of salary and in terms of play. After such a European career, we imagined him to be very badly accept a simple role of foil which several big names of the Euroleague had to be satisfied with in the past by going to the NBA.

I don’t really think I need to prove myself there. The current situation is good for me. If I go to the NBA one day, it will happen or not “, ends the player without completely closing this door.

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