When Dale Ellis played… 69 minutes in a game!

When Dale Ellis played… 69 minutes in a game!

Outraged david robinsonevery August 6 gives the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of Dale Ellis (62 years old today). A player drafted by the Mavericks in 1983 (9th position), who was never as strong as in the late 1980s. In other words during his first stint with the Sonics.

Capable of posting averages of 25.6 points, 4.6 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 1.2 steals per game (50% on shots, 41% on 3-pts and 80% on free throws), as between fiscal years 1986/87 and 1989 /90, the “Silent Assassin” was simply one of the best exteriors in the league over this period.

Winning the way a title of “Most Improved Player” (1987), his only selection to the All-Star Game (1989) and his only appearance in an “All-NBA Team” (the 3rd, 1989).

His record has stood for 33 years

Less visible thereafter, but still as regular statistically (no season with less than 10 points on average between 1990 and 1999), as well in Milwaukee as in San Antonio, Denver or Seattle (again), Dale Ellis also remains known to be the NBA record holder, which is not likely to fall any time soon.

Since November 9, 1989, when he was still playing for the Sonics, he has actually been the record holder for minutes played in a game (regular season and playoffs). That evening, taking advantage of the five extensions of an innocuous meeting against the Bucks, the ex-Volunteer from Tennessee University played… 69 minutes (out of 73 possible)! Adding a whopping 53 points, his career high.

Thirty-three years later, alone Nikola Jokic approached this record of Dale Ellis. It was at the time of the 2019 playoffs, when the “Joker” played 65 minutes against the Blazers, during a quadruple overtime. A total no matter what happens insufficient because, to hope to do better than Ellis, a player will have to take part in at least five extensions, while resting only three minutes maximum!

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