Royce O'Neal et sa mère

A player from the East violently sends his mother to the ground! (video)

Who says summer period necessarily says small 1-vs-1 in complete relaxation in front of friends, colleagues or family. But a Nets player took it a little too seriously, to the point of sending his mother to the ground with a devastating spin move…

When summer is in full swing and basketball fans are weaned from official games, only one alternative remains: the videos that come out of gyms around the world. Carmelo Anthony, for example, has forged a small legend around “Hoodie Melo”, which regularly terrorizes New York gymnasiums. Other players are also accustomed to these filmed sessions, during which they rehearse their ranges against NBA counterparts, or against lesser opposition.

In addition to this competitive side, summer also allows a little lightness, especially when the pros start playing against children, teenagers or amateurs. Recently, a rather unprecedented situation occurred, since it was the mother of a player who found herself on the floor!

Royce O’Neale fakes his mother… who crashes to the ground

Deborah Kingwood, mother of Royce O’Neale, has indeed tried to play defensive possession against her son (1m93, 103 kilos). But the new Nets player had little pity for the one who gave birth to him, and he unleashed a school spin move at full speed to afford an easy basket. His mother ? She ate the ground in good and due form, so much so that she needed help to be picked up. Here is the video:

We reassure you: nothing broken for Deborah Kingwood, who nevertheless necessarily had to be a little shaken. Surprised by the sequence, O’Neale did not forget to score his two points, which greatly amused Internet users. All’s well that ends well, and that’s what matters!

The winger will have less time to laugh in a few weeks. Arrived in Brooklyn at the end of June from the Jazz, the one who comes out of a season at 7.7 points on average has a chance to seize in the still very changing rotation of the Nets. He will be expected to be skilled at 3 points and to be effective defensively, as he was able to be in Utah. Putting opponents down on spin moves, however, will be optional!

Deborah Kingwood will long remember the day she tried to hold off her son in 1-vs-1. Fortunately, more fear than harm, and finally a good memory for everyone. Phew!

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