Evan Fournier et les Knicks sont sur une cible des Lakers de LeBron James

An approaching trade between the Knicks and the Lakers?

Evan Fournier and the Knicks are on a target for LeBron James' Lakers

New York Knicks (DR) / Los Angeles Lakers (DR)

The Lakers are still looking for a way to improve their workforce, while discussions are already taking place with the Knicks to find an agreement. There is the Donovan Mitchell soap opera, but not only. We have just learned that a player from New York is very popular in the City of Angels, better, an agreement is largely possible.

The summer is not over for the Lakers, despite 5 signings on the market. Rob Pelinka is not satisfied, it must be said that the leader is undoubtedly playing his future. After the fiasco of last summer, he must absolutely succeed this offseason, with perhaps a trade of Russell Westbrook in order to attract Kyrie Irving. A scenario that has taken a turn for the worse over the weeks, to the point that the former Cavalier should stay in the Big Apple.

But the Angelinos aren’t giving up, not yet. The franchise is talking with other suitors to find deals, including the Knicks. The latter are in a similar situation, with the team that failed to grab the playoffs last year. Precisely, they could try to help each other, with a potential trade between the two teams.

A Knicks player leaving for the City of Angels?

Target ? Cam Reddish, who arrived last year from the Hawks. The latter failed to win, since Tom Thibodeau did not play much. So, trading him could be a good solution for him to become a free agent. An interest is confirmed for the young player, who had already almost finished in Los Angeles last season, but the trade had fallen through.

The Lakers still have an interest in signing Knicks winger Cam Reddish, who could be part of a trade. Last season, the Lakers came close to signing him in a three-dealer trade with the Knicks and Raptors.

Reddish, with a delay, could therefore end up in the City of Angels. A deal has obviously not yet been found, but it can be included in the possible exchange of Donovan Mitchell. Knowing that Lakers, Knicks and Jazz have already discussed this tradewe imagine Reddish’s name was mentioned.

The Lakers and the Knicks are talking a lot this summer, to the point that a trade would not be surprising by the time the recovery takes place. Cam Reddish? Yeah, but he could be part of a much bigger trade, maybe with Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz in the mix.

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