AT THE MOVIE THEATER.  "Love, Simon", a gay teen-movie in 21st century America

AT THE MOVIE THEATER. “Love, Simon”, a gay teen-movie in 21st century America

Nick Robinson (Simon).
Nick Robinson (Simon). (©DR)

We know by heart the mythology of teen-movies made in the USA, these films featuring high school love in clean establishments, with totally stereotypical parents. In fact, accumulations of cliches.

A heavy secret…

Surprise here! If the framework and the speakers are the same, on the other hand, the heart of the subject is quite new in the country of Uncle Sam. If not completely new. Judge it. Simon is the beloved son of a well-to-do family. He is 17 years old and keeps a heavy secret inside him. He’s gay. Only one person knows, Blue, a mysterious internet correspondent.

Between these two young people, true love is born, a real first story. They do not know each other physically of course, but their exchanges via the net are enough for them. For the moment.

Except that here, the net is not impregnable. As a result, one of the high school students gets his hands on Simon’s emails and blackmails him. The price of silence is to promote the rapprochement of the young blackmailer with a friend of Simon. Through a relatively basic scenario, hidden in hollow, thanks to the director Greg Berlanti, a real problem, that of coming out, especially in America today…

Coming out to the United States

And that’s why this film is incredible because, aimed in part at Trump-era teenagers, it tackles a very taboo subject. He does it without any sentimentality. Simon is a young person like all the others. And he intends to stay that way. A lot of tact, skill, naturalness in this portrait. It is a very young star who “offers” to the character of Simon: Nick Robinson. It is nothing to say that he has talent.

In these times of resurgence, both in France and abroad, of homophobic attacks, a particularly welcome film.

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