Doumbouya was not involved in the Limoges violence

Thomas Siniecki, Media365: published on Sunday August 07, 2022 at 3:46 p.m.

Sekou Doumbouya’s lawyer stepped up to defend the French player, quickly accused on social networks of being involved in neighborhood riots in Limoges, after details that suggested his profile.

Le Populaire du Center had taken care not to mention the name of Sekou Doumbouya, in its article relating four arrests after violence in a district of Limoges at the beginning of the week (on the night of Monday to Tuesday), and which evoked the participation of a “21-year-old young adult, hope of French basketball returning from the United States and unknown to the police”. Neither one nor two, almost everyone then thought of the one who was recruited and then cut twice by the Lakers last season. His lawyer had to deny on Saturday: “Sekou Doumbouya, more than 4,500 km from Paris, has since been the target of numerous derogatory messages against him, which undermine his honor. It should therefore be specified that the individual described in the article is absolutely not Mr. Sekou Doumbouya.”

His representative finally assures that his client is “only focused on his next sporting events”, which are essentially (and only?) Turned towards the search for a new contract in the NBA. Even if it is very difficult to hear from him this summer… Sekou Doumbouya, drafted in fifteenth position in 2019 by Detroit. He had shown himself in sight with the Pistons in January 2020, then chained two games with a double-double against the Clippers then the Warriors, also scoring 24 points against Boston. But it remains since his career record, and apart from this dazzling episode of a few weeks ago two and a half years, we are still waiting for real confirmation from Sekou Doumbouya.

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