La légende NBA française Tony Parker a fait l'objet d'une révélation cash de son ex-femme, Eva Longoria, au sujet de leur mariage

Eva Longoria’s cash revelation about her relationship with Tony Parker

NBA star in his time, Tony Parker was also a people icon as the husband of Eva Longoria. The couple finally separated in 2011, and has just been the subject of a big secret from the famous actress!

As Spurs’ starting point guard of the big time, he didn’t really need a spotlight in his love life to make headlines in the United States. NBA champion from the age of 20, Tony Parker had to deal with fame very quickly in his life. A phenomenon that has only increased because of his sentimental life, also placed in the light.

For a few years, the relationship of the French international with Eva Longoria represented a gold mine for the gossip press, fond of this kind of union between planetary stars. Both thus represented a dream couple to the general public, before their paths separated in 2011 via an ultra-publicized divorce. Ten years later, the actress of Desperate Housewives is still back on the latter.

Eva Longoria plagued by jealousy with Tony Parker

Between disagreements and adultery scandals between San Antonio teammates, Parker and Longoria only remained married for four years. In the latest episode of his podcast Connectionsthe world-famous actress admits having experienced very difficult times during her previous marriages, including that with TP, in particular because of… jealousy:

I find that jealousy consumes a huge dose of energy. I remember being so jealous, to the point where my stomach was churning. It’s the worst feeling possible. Why would anyone want to feel this sensation?

After having composed with her for a long time, Longoria therefore decided to part with her by breaking the ties that united her to Parker.

Fortunately, she was able to find comfort in the arms of Mexican businessman José Baston, whom she considers her husband since 2016. All without suffering from the same ailments as with the former captain of the team. France :

I think that’s why in my second marriage — uh, sorry, the third! Since I fell in love with him at 40, and he was 50, we just thought, “Couldn’t we just enjoy this life together?” »

A portrait far removed from that of an “unhealthy relationship”, as she herself had described the one she had with TP9 in a previous interview with PEOPLE :

I was coming out of an unhealthy relationship, and he was also coming out of an unhealthy relationship, so there was no connection right away. We had a pleasant discussion, but we didn’t hit it off right away.

Asphyxiated by jealousy during her marriage to Tony Parker, Eva Longoria now claims to no longer suffer from it in her current relationship. An observation it seems shared by the French leader, now linked to the tennis player Alizé Lim!

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