L'update très inquiétante pour le trade de Kevin Durant aux Nets !

In full drama Kevin Durant, the new big start of the Nets!

It’s not joy in the Nets, who have lived a nightmare season. James Harden is no longer there, while Kevin Durant has asked to leave. Steve Nash doesn’t make fans dream as a coach, but those aren’t the only issues. The departures are confirmed, with another staff member who decided to leave the ship, symbol of a bad atmosphere in the Big Apple.

We can not say that it is the crisis at the Nets, but we are not very far from it. The franchise has dreamed of winning a title for years, without much success. Instead, it is mainly the disappointments that follow one another for the men of Steve Nash, who ate a sweep in the last playoffs, against the Celtics. Kevin Durant asked to leave, while James Harden had already packed his bags a few months before, to strengthen the Sixers.

Departures continue at the Nets in the middle of summer

Remember that his replacement, Ben Simmons, has not played a single second in his new jersey since the trade. A very difficult situation, and which is beginning to weigh within the organization. Kyle Korver, very valuable in Brooklyn in player development, has already left the ship. He is not the only one according to Adrian Wojnarowski, who reveals a new start internally.

Nets director of scouting Matt Riccardi is joining the Dallas Mavericks for a top front office role. Riccardi spent 13 seasons with the Nets, where he was an intern initially. He grew up in the Dallas area.

Riccardi has been invaluable over the years, evidenced by his rise in the Nets organization chart. Today, he does not hesitate to return to Texas, leaving Brooklyn in a delicate position. Such a departure is never trivial, especially not with all these rumours.

Nets will soon be out of staff… Gotta get my resume ready

Pending the departure of other players, the Nets continue to lose elements within their staff. It’s clearly not the joy in the Big Apple, and the coming season will be crucial for what follows. We should know more with the training camp, which will take place in September.

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