La star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson, semble désormais former un couple avec l'ex d'un joueur passé par les Los Angeles Lakers

Klay Thompson caught hand in hand with the ex of a Laker!

Holder of a nice success with the fairer sex, Klay Thompson has benefited from it for many years, without really landing with his dating. However, it could be that he is in a relationship with the ex of a player who passed through the Lakers, as a viral photo suggests!

In addition to chaining the titles for a few seasons with the Warriors, he does the same with the conquests on the sentimental level. Unlike a Steph Curry, married to Ayesha for 11 years now, or a Draymond Green, Klay Thompson is slow to find the rare pearl to accompany him in his life as an NBA star. His love stories follow one another, without him managing to keep them alive for very long.

Hannah Stocking, Tiffany Suarez, Carleen Henry, Eiza Gonzalez, Abigail Ratchford, Cherise Sandra, Hannah Stocking: all would have shared the life of the back of the Dubs for a certain period, before ending their relationship. Killa Klay has been trying so far to enjoy life in good companybut may well have found the one he has been looking for for so many years.

Klay Thompson in a relationship with Kristen Evangeline?

A few days ago, Thompson was spotted at the Los Angeles airport by a site source. Side Actionaccompanying a renowned influencer by the name of Kristen Evangeline. This simple testimony from an anonymous failed to convince everyone. However, a recent snapshot showing the two celebrities side by side leaves too much room for doubt!

Despite his get-up, Klay can easily be recognized under his sunglasses and hood, just like Evangeline. Both seem in any case very happy together in view of this image. Something to particularly please the young woman, following his traumatic experience with his ex Darius Miles. In love with his sport, Thompson for his part may have found the perfect girlfriend to share his daily life!

Beaten in her previous relationship with Darius Miles, Kristen Evangeline visibly finds a smile in the arms of Klay Thompson. All that remains is to hope that their understanding will only increase in the months and years to come!

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