Movie outing: “Almost”**, road movie in a hearse

Movie outing: “Almost”**, road movie in a hearse

Bernard Campan and Alexandre Jollien, an ex-Inconnu and a Swiss philosopher with cerebral palsy, are at the origin of this lovely optimistic film about the birth of a singular friendship. In theaters this Wednesday.

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Bernard Campan and Alexandre Jollien have been friends for nearly twenty years. The former Unknown passed to the more dramatic register and the Swiss philosopher suffering from an infirmity cerebral motor have taken a new step in their relationship by writing, directing and performing this road movie very humble who does not lack charm. Except that from Lausanne to Montpellier, the journey will be made… by hearse.

Louis is the boss of a company of undertakers. Not unsympathetic but not really playful either. He insists on transporting a body himself to the south of France and embarks despite himself Igor, a deliveryman of organic baskets in glue pot trend which he had previously knocked down without damage.

Over the miles and encounters, a true friendship will be tied between these two. Few surprises, but real faith in a optimistic narrative and a courageous step consisting in showing the handicap with accuracy, by not evading nor the look on the body or fears about sexuality.

Also with Marilyne Canto, Tiphaine Daviot. France. 1 h 32. Dramatic comedy.

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