Dennis Rodman

The most unlikely place Dennis Rodman got a treat

Possibly the most whimsical character in the history of the NBA, Dennis Rodman has thousands of anecdotes, each more absurd than the other, to his credit. But that of the treat he received at a totally improbable time and place clearly claim to have the palm…

If he was a shy and discreet young player during his first years in Detroit, Dennis Rodman made a shattering turn at the turn of the 1990s. His colorful haircuts, his run-ins with the law and his wild escapades became the bread daily life of the paparazzi, too happy with this phenomenon which never ceased to give them substance. Who forgot, for example, the crazy anecdote of Carmen Electra and the ex-Bulls player at the Chicago training center ?

Dennis Rodman caught by the patrol in action

With Electra, as with so many others, sex held a prominent place in the life of D-Rod, who led his life at 200 km/h and intended to make the most of it… even a little too much. In 2010, the multiple NBA champion was a telephone guest on Jorge Sedano’s famous radio show. But he was not alone.

Alerted by some suspicious noises and by the “absent” tone of the brilliant rebounder, the host ended up asking Rodman the embarrassing question about the origin of these disturbances. And unsurprisingly, the former teammate of Michael Jordan was cash:

That ? There’s a girl with me, I think she knows something! Sorry sorry, but I’m honest huh! Wow this is great. I’m in the perfect mood man.

Euphoric, Rodman obviously did not realize the hallucinatory nature of the scene. Taken aback, Sedano answered as he could at the time:

Why are you calling me then? Why man? If you’re with that chick, why the hell did you want to call me Dennis?!

Many years later, in 2018, the host had still not forgotten this totally lunar sequence. The proof with this answer below, formulated to a Twittos:

Twitter: What’s your best, worst and toughest interview?

Sedano: Actually, it’s Dennis Rodman for all three.

Limits ? Dennis Rodman doesn’t know them, and that’s also what gives him his charm. Jorge Sedano, he prefers to laugh about it with hindsight, but will remember for a long time an embarrassing moment as we do little!

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