Les superstars NBA Russell Westbrook et Stephen Curry font l'objet d'une statistique à peine croyable cette saison

The viral debate between Curry and Westbrook that ignites the web!

Between Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook, there is no longer any real debate on their overall level, and this for a few seasons. The two players have followed widely different trajectories, even if one area continues to be talked about: defense. Who is the best for Internet users? The opinion is quite clear cut.

Defending champion with his Warriors, MVP of the finals, Steph Curry has just splashed the league with his talent. On the other side, Russell Westbrook does not know the same success, the fault of problems with the Lakers. His overall level has dropped, in attack, but also in defense. However, a few years ago, the two leaders were often compared. Today ? That’s far from being the case.

There is no doubt that Curry ages better than Russ if you will, and it should continue to do so. The Warrior relies on his shooting to shine, at least for the most part, which means he will continue to be a threat in the long run. Brody? It’s more complex. His physique is no longer the same as before, as can be seen with his dunks, resulting from a very indecisive end to his career.

Steph Curry against Russell Westbrook, debate on their defense!

Nevertheless, there is still one area where discussion exists: defence. We know that the two leaders are not professionals, even if there is a desire to do better. A user therefore had fun asking the question on the Reddit platform: who is the best defender? Some think Steph is better, while Russ’ aggressiveness might go in his favor. Small anthology of opinions.

Curry is a much better defender off the ball, he’s able to stick to the game plan. He’s been better than Westbrook since 2017. Westbrook is better one-on-one, but only when he knows people are watching.

Westbrook sucks in defense, any defense. He just watches. Put Brodie in a defense, and he does whatever. He is able to watch Dame Lillard shoot three-pointers from afar.

Steph is better, and there is no debate.

Curry is a defender capable of positively impacting matches, which means that he can hold out in the playoffs. It’s the complete opposite of Westbrook, who gets destroyed in any high-stakes game.

One tries to defend, the other pretends to try.

I’ve seen Westbrook defend Gianins properly in the Wizards days. His ability to defend depends on whether he has a good night offensively or not, and especially if he tries.

Curry is way better, and I say that as a Russ fan.

It’s not even a question. No one who can understand basketball can answer Westbrook seriously.

Curry is the better defender, even if he doesn’t have what it takes to turn a corner, which says a lot about Westbrook. Brodie is athletic but he decided not to be a good defender.

The answers, at least under this Reddit post, are unanimous: Steph Curry is a better defender than Russell Westbrook. The visual seems to prove these people right, and it’s not for nothing that opinions are divided in this way. Suffice to say that Brodie is late.

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