Ja Morant menace les Warriors et lâche une folle promesse !

The viral provocation of Draymond Green which goes badly for Ja Morant!

Between the Warriors and the Grizzlies, it’s not crazy love and has been for a few years. The confrontations are linked between the two franchises of the West, while the last turned to the advantage of Golden State, in the playoffs. Draymond Green took the opportunity to let go, which goes badly in the opposing locker room.

Champions less than two months ago against the Celtics, the Warriors are still smiling. The franchise will return next year to defend its title, and has no intention of losing, especially against the Grizzlies. A certain rivalry has started to emerge between these two teams, after the victory of the Dubs during the last postseason. Ja Morant had fired the powder, saying the Grizzlies would have won if he could have been healthy.

Green’s statement going badly in Memphis!

A lunar declaration, knowing that the men of Steve Kerr dominated the debates quite easily, despite a defeat. Since then, the tackles have multiplied, with a Draymond Green who had not hesitated to straighten the young players of this workforce. For the veteran, Morant and company have taken on a little too much confidence, as he explained in an interview dating from the end of June.

Memphis doesn’t understand how important these moments are. Trash-talking the champion team, the one that just beat you, is on another level… But now with the Grizzlies, we’re going to expect them to win games. The franchises are warned, and will therefore be even more aggressive with them. I think Memphis is going to be faced with the harsh reality. It doesn’t mean they won’t win, maybe they will, but they will realize how difficult it is.

Indeed, the Grizzlies are seen as outsiders in the West, which means that the element of surprise no longer exists. Beware of Ja Morant and company, who have had wind of Green’s statement for some time. In a video where you can see their gym, Memphis kept a sentence pronounced by the Warrior, just to motivate themselves for next year:

“Memphis is going to be faced with the harsh reality” Draymond Green

This statement by Draymond Green is not very popular with the Grizzlies, who have kept a memory of it in order to motivate themselves even more. We do not joke in Memphis, but even less in Golden State. Suffice to say that the next matches should not be missed.

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