LeBron James et Victor Wembanyama

“Victor Wembanyama will be drafted there thanks to the Lakers”

While the rookies of the 2022 vintage have not even stepped on the NBA floors yet, Victor Wembanyama’s draft is already focusing attention across the Atlantic. A franchise could notably get their hands on the French prodigy… with the help of the Lakers!

At present, few elements seem able to bring down his rating with NBA scouts. Victor Wembanyama is a consensus regarding his talent in the league, so much so that no observer sees him being selected beyond 1st place in the Draft next year. The fight to recover it with the 1st pick therefore promises to be intense… and could see an unexpected actor play a role in it.

Lakers about to offer Victor Wembanyama?!

The Thunder, the Rockets, the Spurs, the Jazz: so many franchises likely to tank in the coming months, and thus dream of getting their hands on Wembanyama. However, all could well see the Pelicans take the bet. Not by missing their own season, but rather by taking advantage of that of the Lakers, which could again prove catastrophic according to some Twittos:

The Pelicans will really draft Victor Wembanyama thanks to the pick of the Lakers

In the columns of The AthleticJovan Buha recently predicted that the Angelinos could conclude their game with a five consisting of Austin Reaves, Troy Brown Jr., LeBron JamesJuan Toscano-Anderson and Anthony Davis. It was enough for Internet users to laugh at this low-sounding lineup for a contender, and imagine the Purple & Gold finishing in the last places in the Western Conference.

It could therefore be that LA gets a good draft pick, which in this case would go into the purse… of the Pelicans via an exchange of picks. So that’s how Wembz could land in New Orleans, at least based on the opinion of some fans!

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Even getting the 1st pick in the Draft for the first time since 1982, the Lakers wouldn’t even have the option of selecting Victor Wembanyama. The Pelicans are therefore likely to pray that the Angelinos will experience a new galley season!

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