La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis, fait l'objet d'une rumeur surprenante ces dernières heures

Anthony Davis badly snubbed by the Lakers next season?!

Since the arrival of Anthony Davis in Los Angeles, the results of the Lakers depend greatly of the form and desire of the star interior. Expected as a savior for next season, AD has just been badly snubbed by its leaders.

Anthony Davis, like previous seasons, will be key for the Lakers to pull off a great campaign… As a reminder, the only time he stayed healthy for an entire fiscal year, with good stats on an individual level, the Purple and Gold went to the title. Without him, a simple qualification in the playoffs is difficult to imagine.

But this season could finally be that of the return to the top, with a fairly intense summer preparation and a physical transformation that delights fans on social networks. AD has refined himself, he has worked on his shooting intensively, so he could find a level worthy of his talent. In any case, this is what the new coach Darvin Ham hopes.

Anthony Davis wants to play pivot, the Lakers against this idea

Confidence in Anthony Davis is also so great in the City of Angels that the coach would have thought of revolve the attack around him, and no longer around LeBron James, which could mark a turning point in the King’s career, finally relegated to the role of “lieutenant”. Unfortunately for the interior, this transfer of power will not necessarily take place under the conditions it wishes.

Jovan Buha says the model the Lakers wanted to implement was ideally with Anthony Davis on position 5, LeBron on position 4, and then a 3 and D profile player on the wing. But the plan has changed since the signings of Damian Jones and Thomas Bryant. They will return to the title model. Buha also explains that AD is ready to play pivot more than any year in his career. But it would not be sustainable over time due to its fragility.

According to the always well-informed Jovan Buha, the Lakers would have considered installing Anthony Davis on position 5, LeBron on position 4, and a big defender on position 3, in order to find a balance absent last season. AD was also rather warm to this idea, which has not always been the case in the past… But despite this desire to finally evolve in the heart of the racket, the new offensive leader of the franchise was snubbed, and he will return to his role as a strong winger.

After years of fighting against the idea of ​​playing pivot, Anthony Davis had finally decided to fully invest in this role, for the good of his franchise. But after careful consideration, the Lakers decided to put him back on a position 4 much less physically taxing.

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