Les superstars NBA LeBron James et Kevin Durant ont fait l'objet d'un terrible constat de la part d'une légende de la ligue

Durant’s salty punchline on LeBron coming back to him in the face!

Determined to leave the Nets this summer, Kevin Durant reiterated his transfer request a few hours ago to his leaders. In this context, one of his old viral statements about LeBron James is once again causing a stir on the networks!

By deciding to join the Heat on his own during the 2010 offseason, according to many observers, he opened a breach in which many stars are engulfed today. LeBron James is indeed a precursor in terms of players taking power over their destiny in the NBA. An example from which, for example, was inspired Kevin Durant lately.

Unhappy with his situation in Brooklyn, where he no longer thinks he is in the best position to win, the Slim Reaper asked a few weeks ago to be transferred. A request to which its leaders have still not acceded, inflexible in the negotiations despite the crisis experienced by the franchise. It was enough for some Internet users to find old words from the winger … which have aged rather badly.

Kevin Durant even more “toxic” than LeBron James?

In 2018, when LeBron had not yet succeeded in attracting any star to the Lakers, Ric Bucher wondered about this phenomenon in the columns of Bleacher Report. He had notably collected the opinion of Durant, who at the time wanted to be rather explosive:

There are so many people who make playing with LeBron look exceptional. He has so many fanboys in the media. Even the smallest journalists cajole him.

Me, I’m there, “We’re talking about basketball here”, and sometimes it has nothing to do with basketball anymore. So I would understand if nobody wants to be in that environment, because it’s toxic. Especially when the attention surrounding it is so unhealthy. It’s not LeBron’s fault at all, it’s just that there are so many groupies in the media who parrot his every word. Break up and let us play basketball.

It is precisely this notion of “toxicity”, which would accompany LeBron in each of his teams, which fans are having fun today. Indeed, since his arrival at the Nets, KD has seen a series of scandals there, and places himself at the origin of one of them with his desires to leave. A paradox that has necessarily been underlined by some Twittos, for whom the implosion in Brooklyn has something to smile about!

Hold on 😭😂😂

After highlighting the toxic side that surrounds LeBron James 4 years ago, Kevin Durant in turn finds himself in such an environment, and partly because of him according to Internet users. It remains to be seen if he will be able to get rid of it!

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