NBA Evan Fournier en conférence de presse

Evan Fournier’s awesome new tattoos!

Tattooed for years now, Evan Fournier had never taken the initiative or the time to enhance his collection. It is now done, as he proudly displayed during his last appearance on the floor!

Passed by INSEP between 2007 and 2009, he recently returned there on behalf of the France team. In full preparation for the Euro with the Blues, Evan Fournier had the honor of being named captain a few days ago. A status that he perfectly assumed on the floor, Sunday, finishing best of his team against the Netherlands with 15 points in 16 minutes of play, and offering some baskets of which he has the secret:

Covered leg and paternal tribute for Evan Fournier

Before joining the ranks of the French selection at the beginning of August, Fournier was entitled to a few weeks of well-deserved rest following his NBA season with the Knicks. A period which he not only took advantage of to recharge the batteries, but also… to receive new tattoos. These could also be clearly seen during his last outing against the Oranjes!

(credit: @FRABasketball)

Firstly, Vavane was able to totally get her left leg covered in ink, having started the process following the Tokyo Olympics. Nevertheless, it is difficult to decipher and interpret the different tattoos that now adorn this part of his body. On the other hand, the one added on his left biceps seems much more discernible in this photo.

Above his tribal “bracelet” is indeed a martial arts fighter dressed in his kimono. It could therefore well be that this drawing is directly taken from a snapshot… of his father, François, former great French judoka crowned European team champion in 1984. In any case, we hope that this new look will allow him to do even more wonders under the tricolor jersey!

Not only has he become captain of the France team in recent days, Evan Fournier has also returned to the courts with many additional tattoos. Not enough to impact his scoring skills, however, and that’s good!

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