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LeBron James’ brilliant plan to rebuild the Lakers

The Lakers were the league’s most disappointing franchise last season, and LeBron James won’t accept another disappointment. So he decided to take the things in hand, with a brilliant plan to rebuild this squad full of shortcomings.

In his frantic race with Michael Jordan for the honorary title of GOAT, the season that has just known LeBron James does not work in his favor. If he was one of the only positives of the Lakers with 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds and 6.2 assists on average, his team’s non-qualification for the play-in is a task. How can the potential best player in history fail to place his people in the Top 10 of his conference?

If the vagueness still hovers around the franchise, and in particular because of the case Russell Westbrookwhich is no longer necessarily desired and which could end up in a rather reductive role in the Darvin Ham system, the King will obviously be keen to climb the slope and prove that he can still lead a team. With a great Anthony Davis, the Purple and Gold could even nurture some great ambitions.

LeBron decided for the Lakers minicamp

To put the odds on his side, not only is LeBron back in the gym with his sons to train, but he also has a plan to create much greater cohesion than last year at the Lakers. If everyone agrees and pulls in the same direction, the results can only be better. Chris Haynes tells this story in his latest paper.

LeBron James is said to be finalizing the destination for the organization of his traditional mini camp with his teammates, a few days before the official training camp. According to my sources, San Diego would be the most probable destination in front of Las Vegas. He wants to build better relationships with his teammates than last season.

Like last season, LeBron James will organize a camp reserved for players to bond with his teammates. This time around, he should opt for a destination with far fewer distractions than Las Vegas, which is ideal for a team with so many shortcomings. The Lakers must be prepared to suffer, because the King is already sharp and motivated:

The Lakers will try to get a head start on their rivals with collective training that will start earlier than in other franchises. The King will do everything to make his method bear fruit, in contrary to last season.

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