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“Me, this is what I would have brutally answered Kevin Durant”

Kevin Durant has been at the heart of the storm since the ultimatum given to his leaders. He would like to stay in Brooklyn on the condition that his trainer and his GM are fired, a rather lunar request. For a specializedste, owner Joe Tsai is expected to respond firmly.

Kevin Durant was tired of waiting after several weeks of negotiations between his leaders and the other franchises for an XXL exchange concerning him. His meeting with Nets owner Joe Tsai was very straightforward, as he asked for the heads of Steve Nash and Sean Marks in exchange for withdrawing his trade request. For fans, the choice is very simple.

If Kevin Durant Gets Steve Nash Fired, He’d Be the Biggest Net in History

For a specialist, Joe Tsai should be bossy

The ball is now in the owner’s court, and it is hot. If he accepts KD’s request, he will have a franchise capable of playing the title, but he will lose all credibility as the boss. If he refuses, he will alienate the fans, lose one of the best players of all time, but retain a strong posture… For insider Frank Isola, Joe Tsai should respond in the following way. He spoke about NBA Radio :

Me, I would have brutally replied to Kevin Durant: “I will do everything in my power to exchange you, but only if the package in return corresponds to us. I have to run a business. We did what you wanted on the James Harden case, and now all of our draft picks belong to the Rockets. We can’t destroy everything and start from scratch because of that.

We wouldn’t even benefit from the bad results without our draft picks. That’s why we went for TJ Warren and Royce O’Neale. We’re going to get Joe Harris back, Ben Simmons is finally going to play, and Seth Curry is still in the roster, and the whole league is envious of us. Your best friend Kyrie Irving is still on the team, but if you really want to be traded, we’ll do everything we can to trade you.

Be still ready for the training camp if we can’t find you a new destination. Understood ? “. At that time, Kevin Durant would have thanked me for all my efforts in this case and my willingness to trade him. I would have concluded by telling him firmly: “One last thing, I never want you to come and give me an ultimatum in my office again”.

For Frank Isola, Joe Tsai should take an authoritarian posture and show Kevin Durant that he will only move if an offer allows the Nets to “strengthen”. Otherwise, the boss should force his player to evolve under the orders of Steve Nash.

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