La légende NBA des Chicago Bulls et actuel propriétaire des Charlotte Hornets, Michael Jordan, a vu un joueur de Chicago battre son équipe en signant un Flu Game

“Michael Jordan shouldn’t pay him so much!” It’s not worth that! »

Michael Jordan fails to replicate the success he has enjoyed on the pitch in his new role as franchise owner, which must strongly the competitor that he is. Hornets fans are looking to help him, especially with a major decision looming on the horizon.

Michael Jordan was a very great player, perhaps even the greatest of all time, he is a very great businessman, he who is at the head of an empire which weighs several billion dollars, but unfortunately for the Hornets fans, he is not necessarily a great leader. Owner of the franchise for several years already, he has not yet experienced success.

And if his young team seemed destined to make noise in the Eastern Conference next season, the horrible Miles Bridges scandal could greatly handicap the group. Then by next summer, MJ is going to have to make another big contract decision. Indeed, the young star of his team will be eligible for a huge extension:

Extend LaMelo or not? The fans are tearing up!

LaMelo Ball will be eligible to receive a 5-year, $202.5 million extension in the summer of 2023. He would be the first player in the Michael Jordan era to sign a max extension at the end of his rookie contract.

Like all young stars in the league, LaMelo Ball will be likely to sign a contract worth more than 200 million next summer, a substantial sum for such a flamboyant player, but who is seriously struggling to carry his team to victory. His performances during the last two play ins are not necessarily reassuring and worry the fans, who do not want to see MJ spend so much.

It’s not worth that much 😭

damn overpaid

LaMelo may struggle to raise his level of play in the big moments, but he’s still a promising and very talented player. Even if he is not worth them at the moment, he will one day live up to this 200 million contract that awaits him.

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