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Taxi 5’s Peugeot 407 is up for grabs

The French company Movie Cars Central is giving away a replica of the Peugeot 407 from the film “Taxi 5”, whose body kit is made by the team that worked on the feature film. And like in the movies, it’s a V6 that fits under the hood of the sedan.



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A contest allows you to win a replica of the Peugeot 407 from “Taxi 5”.

Movie Cars Central

Franck Galiègue has become known in recent years thanks to the collection of cars from films and series, original or replicas, which he exhibits and some of which are available for rental via his company Movie Cars Central. While the latter is moving to a new exhibition space in the Paris region, the opening of which is scheduled for early 2023, She just started a contest whose winner will win a Peugeot 407 faithful to that of the film Taxi 5.

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The 407 in action in the film.


A replica with original parts

Franck Galiègue owns a 407 “Taxi”, which has appeared in many videos, but it is not this one that is in play. For the competition, a new replica of the sedan visible in the feature film is being developed. achievement. Far from being an artisanal reproduction, the vehicle in question will be equipped with a body kit strictly identical to that of the saga since produced by the same company, which still has the original molds. And it is a 211 hp 407 V6 Feline that serves as the basis for the project to stick as much as possible to the movie car.

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Peugeot 407 Taxi 5 Movie Cars Central

The body kit is made in the molds used for the feature film.

Movie Cars Central

A T-shirt to buy to register

The car to be won was put into service on January 30, 2008 and today displays 209,950 km on the odometer. Transformation included, it is valued at €75,000 according to the organizers of the competition. Due to its changes, it will not be homologated for use on the open road. To play, all you have to do is order a copy of the T-shirt with the image of the car offered for this purpose on the Movie Cars Central website, a garment displayed at €28.99. The winner will be chosen by lot on September 30, 2022.

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Peugeot 407 Taxi 5 T Shirt

Ordering this T-shirt sold for €28.99 entitles you to enter the competition.

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