Les jeunes espoirs Mac McClung et Nico Mannion en savent plus sur leur avenir au sein de la ligue

The future of the nuggets Mac McClung and Nico Mannion decided!

Like every summer, some low-sounding names or inexperienced players in the league must fight to earn their place. As such, the young talents that are Mac McClung and Nico Mannion now know more about their future in the NBA!

If they have certain similarities as monster hype backs during their high school career, the comparison has long stopped there. Nico Mannion and Mac McClung have indeed not landed in the NBA in the same way, and have not met with the same success there. While one was given a promising start to his career, the other struggled to make a name for himself in the league.

Drafted by the Warriors in 2020, Mannion had the privilege of taking part in 30 games as a rookie, including one as a starter. This, before joining the Virtus Bologna, and to contract there a virus as devastating as it is appalling. For his part, McClung did not hear his name called during the 2021 Draft, and only played two short games last season. His future could still influence that of his Italian counterpart.

Nico Mannion barred to the Warriors by Mac McClung?

In full preparation for Eurobasket with Squadra Azzurra, Mannion was recently the subject of some rumors about an upcoming extension in Bologna. A version that Sean Deveney took on the task of denying in his latest paper for Heavy.com. The opportunity for the journalist to indicate that the former Dub would still have a few touches in the NBA!

NBA staff are keeping tabs on Mannion, and there’s a good chance he could return to the league next year — if not during the season, maybe it will be. next summer. “He played better in Italy than his stats show. There are good reviews about it. He will get another chance in the league, but it won’t be at Golden State, or at least not anytime soon,” an NBA GM told Heavy Sports.

The Warriors should therefore not seek to retain Mannion’s rights, despite his interesting development on Italian soil. Instead, the front office of Golden State would like to bet in particular… on McClung, who has shone under the colors of the franchise lately :

The GM points out that the Warriors just drafted fullback Ryan Rollins in the second round, who was shooting 18.9 points and 3.6 assists in Toledo as a sophomore. The Warriors would also like to develop Mac McClung, the 2022 G-League Rookie of the Year, who represents a nice prospect at point guard. He was shooting 13.4 points and 4.8 assists for the Warriors during the Las Vegas Summer League.

Mac will therefore have the task of entering the opportunity offered to him in the Baywhile Nico should not lack courtiers in the coming months according to this famous anonymous GM:

If you’re a rebuilding team like Houston, Indiana or Utah, it makes sense to watch him, and possibly offer him a contract during the season.

Prospect fallen since their arrival in the NBA, Nico Mannion and Mac McClung could finally find their place in the league. One at the Warriors, and the other in a team where he will probably be able to scratch some playing time!

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