The hallucinating request of the Nets against Kevin Durant refused by the Celtics!

The hallucinating request of the Nets against Kevin Durant refused by the Celtics!

It’s no longer really a secret, the Nets and the Celtics have been negotiating for some time in order to find an agreement for the trade of Kevin Durant. Today ? No deal, far from it, since the position of the two parties is too far apart. Evidenced by the hallucinating offer requested by Brooklyn at the start of negotiations.

The Suns, the Heat or the Raptors: these are the first franchises that have been mentioned in an attempt to reach an agreement about Kevin Durant. However, no way for the Nets to be nice in the negotiations, even less with a star who has four years of contract. The old Warrior will be traded, yes, but only if a franchise agrees to let go of a major quid pro quo. To date, and as you guessed it, it’s a firm “no” from the contenders.

The Nets have claimed Jayson Tatum from the Celtics

In recent weeks, the Celtics have invited themselves into negotiations. Interesting data, especially when you know that Boston has a lot of interesting assets, like Jaylen Brown or Marcus Smart, not to mention the draft rounds. The problem, according to Adam Himmelbach, is that the Nets asked for a lot more at the start of the talks. Yes, they dared to mention Jayson Tatum.

The Nets asked Boston for Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown early in negotiations over Kevin Durant.

Do we really have to explain why the Celtics refused? Certainly not. If KD remains a better player, at least when he is in good shape, Tatum embodies the future. The potential is there for the young star, who won’t budge an inch, though Brown can’t say the same. At the moment, no agreement, but the negotiations can move very quickly, especially with the training camp in September.

The Nets are asking way too much

The Nets just want 7 draft rounds and your top 6 players. It’s not a lot.

The Nets dared to ask for Jayson Tatum, knowing full well that the Celtics were going to refuse without think for a second. A dubious tactic, which does not work to date. We don’t know if the negotiations will succeed, but we can say that they started off on a bad footing.

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