NBA Kevin Durant en galère aux Nets

“This offer for Kevin Durant was false”

Kevin Durant is logically courted in the market, although the franchises can’t convince the Nets to give him up. The Celtics have tried their luck, but without success so far. Nevertheless, and according to a source familiar with the matter, the offer mentioned was entirely false. You have to believe that Brad Stevens pays attention to his best elements.

The month of August is here, but the negotiations concerning the departure of Kevin Durant have not really advanced. The interest is there, however, no one is keen to pay the Nets’ asking price so far. We could see an update on his file soon, since the star is out of his hole, with a defining date with Brooklyn. In the worst case, KD could force his departure.

However, the trade is still far from being validated, for lack of agreement with other franchises. The Heat is concerned, as are the Suns, who have turned the page with Deandre Ayton. The only franchise that seems capable of tipping the scales? The Celtics. Brad Stevens may make an offer hard to refuse for the Nets, but does he want it? The answer is currently no, as some may fear.

Celtics mistaken offer for Kevin Durant?

According to several sources, it will be necessary to let go of at least Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart to convince the Nets, although others want to send Jayson Tatum. We know that the rumor with the rear made a lot of noise, but is it real? Obviously, the answer is no. According to feedback from journalists from the Heavy website, Boston never suggested that Brown was available in a trade.

A recent rumor claims the Celtics attempted to trade Jaylen Brown to the Nets, in addition to Derrick White and a first-round draft pick. But other sources told Heavy that such an offer was never really on the table.

Clearly, Brown would never have been offered to the Nets. A bluff? A way to reassure the player? Hard to know. For many, the back should not be offered against KD, which is not without debate.

If the news turns out to be true, Brown may be the first to be reassured. He shared his disappointment a few weeks ago on Twitter, making it clear he didn’t want to be traded. Whether the Celtics made him untouchable, or whether the Nets can hope to get him back remains to be seen.

Smh (shakes his head, editor’s note)

Is Jaylen Brown really available? According to the Heavy website, this is not the case. The rear has in any case not been haggled by the Celtics, who undoubtedly prefer to gauge the interest of the Nets concerning their roster. Whatever happens, a trade still seems a long way off.

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