Un ancien Laker lâche un carton monumental, LeBron et Spida choqués !

A former Laker drops a monumental card, LeBron and Spida shocked!

While waiting for the resumption of the NBA, we know that players like to spend time on the amateur circuit. LeBron James went to the Drew League, while others like to spin in Pro-Am, in Seattle for example in the league owned by Jamal Crawford. This Wednesday, a former Laker took the opportunity to catch fire, approaching 70 points. As you can imagine, the reactions rocketed.

The recovery of the NBA is not for now. While the franchises are starting to reveal their pre-season schedule, with the Warriors leaving for Japan, we will have to wait until quite late in September for the rest. It is during this period that the training camp will begin, which will allow the teams to put themselves in the best position to start the regular season.

A moment quite expected by the fans, especially since the discussions for trades will have experienced a boost by then. The training camp, the media day, it is often a deadline for the franchises, which do not like to modify their roster afterwards. If a Russell Westbrook is to be traded as an example, it will surely be before this event, and that’s what The Athletic seems to confirm.

Kyle Kuzma is completely on fire!

For the players, there is no question of waiting so long to show off, and Kyle Kuzma seems to have understood the message. Whoever wants to have a great season with the Wizards is on a mission, proof with his card in Pro-Am. No question for the star to rest, since she has just released 67 points in peace. Proof that NBA players like to have a little fun.

The reactions are obviously quite numerous in the comments, including LeBron James and Donovan Mitchell, who wanted to poke fun a little:

Mitchell: “You couldn’t even get the 70, it must be because of the altitude”

LeBron: “I saw that little shrug! Lol, Ayyyyye”

Kyle Kuzma puts on a show in Pro-Am, while waiting for his return to the NBA courts. We can say that it is successful for the interior, which hopes to cross a course at the Wizards. It’s now or never, and LeBron James will be watching it very closely.

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