Gros coup dur pour Ben Simmons et les Nets !

Ben Simmons gets annoyed and counterattacks after the false rumor about him!

Absent from the prosecution for over a year, Ben Simmons has to deal with a lot of insults and rumors about him. We imagine that the person concerned is eager to find the parquet floors with his new team, even if he does not wait as long to break the silence, if necessary. After a false rumor about him, the Australian decided to counterattack.

Time is starting to get long for Ben Simmons, who has not stepped on the NBA floors for over a year, with the Sixers. He should have made his debut with the Nets in the last playoffs, but a supposed last-minute injury thwarted his plans. This physical glitch continues to be debated, since many people accuse the player of having paraded in front of a high-stakes match.

It must be said that for some time, Simmons has been playing with a certain pressure on his shoulders. The fans expect a lot from him, and his performances have disappointed. By refusing to return to play with the Sixers, he also made some enemies, who do not hesitate to share some lies about the star. This is the case for example with the latest story of the famous whatsapp group.

Ben Simmons retorts after the false rumor!

Is Ben already making some waves on the side of the Big Apple? This is what he is accused of in any case, to the point that the rumor is spreading everywhere. However, and as Shams Charania was able to confirm, everything is made up. Simmons remains very friendly with his counterparts, and hopes to find success early next season. In the meantime, and on Instagram, he decided to respond.

“Why are you posting fake stuff? »

We imagine that there is a lot of frustration for the player, who hopes to respond on the floor next time. In the meantime, he will have to deal with a few more rumors, with a possible worst-case scenario trade:

Not a lot of news right now that’s why

No, Ben Simmons hasn’t made waves in the Nets locker room, or not yet. The rumor about him remains false, but the Australian has to deal with it. If he really wants to move on, he will have to perform on the court, and not otherwise.

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