Dirk a été choqué par la perte de poids de Luka

Dirk Nowitzki gives his shattering verdict on Luka Doncic, after 4 years!

Mentor of Luka Doncic during his rookie year, Dirk Nowitzki closely follows the development of the Dallas superstar. Recently, the German giant took stock of his ex-teammate, following his first four seasons. It is said without jargon.

One thing is sure, Luka Doncic Couldn’t have had a better time being drafted by the Mavs in 2019. The franchise has a tradition of making a European player its figurehead, thanks to Dirk Nowitzki who was drafted for his first 20 years in the NBA. . For his last campaign, however, the big man was much more in the background, leaving his young friend from the Old Continent to do the show on the floor. At the same time, he did everything he could to best guide the Slovenian nugget.

Although he is now retired after a fabulous career (champion in 2011 and more than 30,000 career points), the Wunderkind continues to observe very closely the actions of his stable team. Inevitably, this also means carefully analyzing what El Matador brings to the field. He also drew up a detailed assessment of it recently, and the least we can say is that he did not go out of his way by covering the player with praise:

Dirk: “Luka Doncic has no weaknesses”

I’m still amazed at how good he already is, how he reads the game at such a young age. Normally you don’t come with a full set offensively, but I don’t even think this guy has any weaknesses. He can play post, he can make three-point stepback draws, and his passing game has set him apart among many great scorers.

The way he sees everything happening on the field, passes without looking at the pick-and-roll partner or the 3-point shooter, all he can do is crazy. He always seems to amaze everyone and raise his level of play year after year. He really is a serious customer.

Can we receive a better compliment from Dirkules, an emblematic European figure but also from Dallas? Hard to believe, and No. 77 can clearly savor such a rave statement.

Most importantly though, he hasn’t just improved as a player, but Halleluka has also taken his entire team to the next level. 2021-22 is the ultimate proof of that, with the Texans navigating their way to the conference finals for the first time in more than a decade, all while disposing of the Suns with the best record in the league. If they continue their momentum, Jason Kidd’s men are promised a bright future, just like their franchise player.

Dirk Nowitzki could not be complimentary vis-à-vis Luka Doncic, the latter having perfectly taken up his torch. We can only wish that his career ends in the same way as that of his eldest, with a title won with the Mavs.

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