Connaissez-vous la movie money, avec laquelle deux femmes ont essayé de faire leurs achats à Guéret (Creuse) ?

Do you know the movie money, with which two women tried to shop in Guéret (Creuse)?

Fifty euros in ten bills… But wrong. This is what two women were trying to sell, Monday afternoon, at the checkout of a Gueret store for food. But the employee noticed it in time.

Contacted by the store, the National Police intervened to place the two customers in police custody, two Parisians in their thirties who live in an apartment in Guéré, unknown to the services.

Cinema tickets

Their accommodation was the subject of a search where nothing more was found, while the two young women pleaded naivety, declaring that they had not noticed that the tickets were fake.

Except that they also held real money and that they only spent the false one, notes the Police, not really fooled. In addition, it was Movie currency, banknotes used for film shoots.

It is possible to recognize them by the mention they bear on the edge:

“This is not legal tender, it’s used for motion props”

Tickets seized by the Police in Guéret, with the mention highlighted which makes it possible to make the difference with real ones.

The two people were finally released in the evening after a reminder to the law, a dismissal of the case on the condition of not starting again in the next three years and a seizure of the said tickets.

Without being new, the phenomenon is not frequent in Guéret. But it has been happening all over France for a few years. The authorities regularly encourage vigilance and remind people of the tricks to avoid the scam.

Italian counterfeiters in Limoges (December 2020)

In addition to the sentence, the counterfeit note includes a mention “Movie money” under the European flag, in place of the signature of the President of the ECB. It is made of a different paper than the real ones and the shiny band… does not shine.

Floris Bressy


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