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“I am one of the best in the world”: a player destroyed after his lunar declaration!

Before the return of the NBA, there is no shortage of confident players, especially on the revenge side. This is for example the case of Victor Oladipo, who hopes to revive at his best level in Miami for a new season. Nonetheless, the full-back slipped a little in his last interview, going so far as to claim he was one of the best in the world, if not the league.

Constantly progressing since the start of his career, Victor Oladipo has been going through a sad period since leaving the Pacers. He had a few good games with the Rockets and the Heat, but injuries, particularly to his knee, tarnished his performance on the court. His last season? It took place in Miami, with 8 games for only 12.4 units on average. For a player on the bench, we can’t say it’s totally bad either.

Victor Oladipo’s controversial statement to the Heat

It will take time for the former Magic player to regain his feelings, at least if it is possible. He will have the opportunity to prove it next year, still in Florida, since he has reached an agreement for a one-year contract. It’s time for Oladipo to reassure his supporters, but especially the franchises in order, why not, to get a big contract in the summer of 2023. It shouldn’t be difficult for someone who considers himself one of the ” best players in the world.

“I know I’m one of the best players in the world. That’s all. I think my injury has cast doubt in some people’s minds on who I am as a player. »

A daring statement for a player who comes out of several injuries, and has never managed to find his best level. His physical glitches are bound to play, but even before that the number 4 was never considered one of the league’s most successful players, and rightly so. However, and knowing that places are limited in the NBA, Victor is not necessarily wrong. After all, who can boast of playing in the biggest league in the world? However, some netizens did not like it.

Technically he is, but I don’t think he’s top 30 in the league now

True. But compared to other NBA players, no.

Is Victor Oladipo one of the best in the world? Technically, yes, since he has the chance to play in the NBA, which is not given to everyone. But if we compare to the competition, it cannot hold the same speech. It’s up to him to get back in shape before making such comments.

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