LeBron would be favorite in the event of a franchise in Las Vegas

LeBron would be favorite in the event of a franchise in Las Vegas

LeBron James has never hidden his post-career ambitions. Already very active in different markets while still playing, the King has embarked on a crazy project: to become the owner of a franchise in the NBA, preferably for expansion. Yes, yes just that. If the League has not expressed itself on this subject, things would start to move behind the scenes, however, according to Ric Bucher, NBA analyst. The guy goes even further, and says that LeBron owner of a franchise in Las Vegas, it is now only a matter of time.

There is one who obviously does not have time to be bored. In addition to rolling throughout the League from one season to another, LeBron James manages a real entrepreneurial career in parallel. While he has just become the first billionaire basketball player in activity, LBJ continues to play the jack-of-all-trades. But really everything. Holder of shares in the Boston Red Sox (baseball) and the Pittsburgh Penguins (ice hockey), minority shareholder of Liverpool (football), or even founder of a school in Ohio, one wonders if the guy don’t overdo it to handle it all. Tow is it that the King plans to achieve the Grand Slam by becoming the proud owner of an NBA franchise at the end of his career. Never the last to get a few messages across scred, LeBron James recently confided in his podcast that he is very attached to having a team in Las Vegas. Funny coincidence (or not), the two favorite cities to host a possible expansion are undoubtedly Seattle and… Las Vegas! Malynx the lynx. However, the NBA and Adam Silver quickly calmed the ardor of BronBron: for the moment, an expansion is far from being the priority.

Never the last to sniff out the good moves, LeBron would already have a whole plan to be able to afford a team he dreams of so much. While the average value of an NBA franchise today is estimated at around $2.48 billion according to Forbes, LBJ has partnered with Fenway Sports Group to better prepare for its future projects. This association should, among other things, be able to enable it to position itself on the acquisition of a franchise, in Las Vegas or elsewhere. All this obviously remains dependent on the arrival of an expansion and this is also where Ric Bucher comes into play. The analyst announced in his podcast “ On The Ball that bringing a franchise to Sin City is just a matter of time and big bucks. Indeed, the situation would gradually begin to settle down, and everything could even accelerate when the TV rights issues are settled. For the moment, nothing official and the information remains to be taken with a grain of salt. However, it seems that the tide is still turning in favor of the King, who according to the insider would be the favorite in the event of the creation of a team in Vegas.

Become the second basketball player to own an NBA franchise in history? It’s a big yes for Bron Bron. Besides, even if it means becoming an owner, you might as well build everything from A to Z, it’s still funnier. While waiting to see how the project takes shape, the King is already likely to have a lot to do with a franchise based in Los Angeles, and we wish him a lot of courage.

Text sources: HoopsHype, On The Ball

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