La légende NBA des Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, s'est retrouvé au cœur d'un processus de licenciement révoltant

Michael Jordan: “I don’t know if I could have survived those times”

Considered a god by many fans, Michael Jordan is also seen as a player who could have been the big boss in many eras. However, there is one in particular that inspires him with great suspicion, as he admitted a few years ago. The argument put forward is very interesting.

For a player to become an absolute basketball legend, the context of his time must often be taken into account. Whether it is the style of play practiced or the fact that he has changed the game with his way of dominating on the floor, the era in which an NBA athlete evolves plays a fundamental role in this area. In other words, just because a star shone for a specific period doesn’t mean he could have done the same ten years earlier or later.

However, that does not prevent some fans and observers from thinking that a chosen few could have achieved it, without the slightest problem. Shaq, for example, recently claimed that he would have been able to massacre current players, if he had faced them. And then, of course, there is the case of Michael Jordan, literally deified by a large majority of the orange ball community. Considered the best basketball player of all time, could he have been sparkling in the current era? Many are convinced of this.

And yet, when you ask the question to the interested party himself, it turns out that he has a very different opinion on the subject. In 2020, he notably addressed it during an interview, saying that he had doubts that he could have shined alongside LeBron James, Kevin Durant & co. In question, the evolution of the private sphere of athletes, largely because of social networks. According to His Airness, this could indeed have destabilized him in a fatal way:

Jordan wary of 21st century social media

I don’t know if I could have survived in this era of Twitter, where you don’t have the privacy you want and what seems to be very innocent can always be misinterpreted.

The admission may come as a surprise from the Bulls legend, but he scores a point with this outing. Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok: all these means of communication have allowed athletes to grow their platform, but it also means that fans are now aware of almost all of their daily lives.

As a result, the slightest word is closely scrutinized and dissected in all directions, with some Internet users almost systematically looking for the little beast. Not really something pleasant to live every day, which is why some stars like Kawhi Leonard for example are very discreet in the public arena. It is therefore easy to understand why MJ, who played at a time when social networks did not exist, feels such discomfort with them.

Could Michael Jordan have dominated in the current era? Unlike many people, he is not so convinced. A rather commendable introspection on the part of the six-time champion, who has no trouble recognizing that everything has changed today for the athletes.

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