Steph Curry en conférence de presse NBA

Stephen Curry on drugs? The viral photo that ignites the web!

After the Warriors title, Stephen Curry appeared several times in a wast second, and in particular because of alcohol and parties. After spending a daytime exceptional with Snoop Dogg, the Chef once again looked elsewhere, but this time because of the weed.

After thinking of him for several weeks following the title of the Warriors, including a romantic vacation in the South of France, Stephen Curry started thinking about others again. Already, he wet the jersey during his traditional training camp, during which he totally walked on the poor high school students who were invited. He also distinguished himself by playing with his son Canon, 4 years old and already prodigious with a ball in his hands.

But that’s not all, since he then went to Los Angeles to support Snoop Dogg in a charitable mission, including the renovation of a gymnasium in the disadvantaged neighborhoods of the city. On this occasion he received a priceless gift from the rapper, but that’s not all. Apparently he was also in possession of one of Uncle Snoop’s many seals:

Stephen Curry in a daze with Snoop Dogg

Stephen Curry has puffy, red eyes, the main symptoms of someone who’s been a little too heavy on weed, and when you know he’s been spending the day with Snoop Dogg, you can legitimately wonder about its state. Nothing serious in any case, since the consumption of cannabis is legal in California, and the NBA no longer tests players for this substance. Internet users have understood the MVP of the Finals perfectly, with even a hint of jealousy.

If Snoop passes you the joint, you smoke. It’s that simple.

Anyone who says they wouldn’t smoke with Snoop if they had the chance is lying.

Stephen Curry hasn’t done anything serious except have a good time with legend Snoop Dogg. His eyes simply made Internet users laugh, who did not necessarily imagine the Chef capable of such a thing.

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