the anecdotes to conclude before 2K23

the anecdotes to conclude before 2K23


Manu Ginobili at the hairdresser

After his retirement, Manu Ginobili was completely absent from NBA 2K20 much to our surprise. He came back last year with unflattering modeling, heavily bringing out his baldness. Obviously, the developers echoed this hair problem and for his 98 Metamorphosis card, Gino appeared as.. metamorphosed, proudly sporting his hair of a young Argentinian premier, brown hair long and fiery in the wind, launched at a gallop across the plains South Americans. The same goes for his recent Invincible card.


Larry Bird at the barbershop

Larry Bird revamped

© 2K

Let’s stay in the world of the salient hair to evoke another revolution on MyTeammuch more striking than the Argentinian’s hair comeback: Larry Bird finally has a version of him without that filthy mustache. The use of the sacrosanct razor took place with the Swish card released at the very end of this NBA 2K22. Historically, Bird has indeed sported an unflattering moustache, but he has mostly played without it. His in-game look didn’t do justice to the huge champion trashtalker he was. There, he still has a lot more style! Not to mention the very fun side of the map in question where he can play leader and back. Good, now it remains to rework the Scandinavian cut of the 50s of Rik Smits and we are good.


Tacko Fall, stronger in game than in real life

  The latest maps for NBA 2K22's MyTeam mode have been released.

The latest MyTeam cards are here

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While the last cards of this MyTeam have been released, as we are one month away from the arrival of the next opus, it is time to take stock, calmly, savoring every moment, on the most cracked players of the game. 2K22 edition: Luka Doncic (coherent), Michael Jordan (finally!), Yao Ming (yes) and Tacko Fall. These last two are the only ones to still have cards that are worth candy despite the release of the End Game and Invincible superpacks. You can have a Kevin Garnett Invincible at less than 10,000 but Yao’s Invincible starts at 200,000 MT, a Kevin Durant End Game at 300,000 and a Tacko Fall at 500,000… Why? These two players are giants, with a huge defensive base, excellent game mechanics, obvious weight on the offensive rebound, infamous dunks. They knocked out all the other pivots in the game, except Kareem’s End Game AF/P which is monstrous.

The 99 End Game map of basketball player Tacko Fall in the MyTeam mode of the NBA 2K22 video game.

Until the end of the game, the most expensive card

© 2K

If the power of the Chinese Rockets does not really surprise (he is Hall of Fame, nothing scandalous), that of the 26-year-old Senegalese is still questionable and deserves a serious nerve to be consistent with the reality of basketball. Tacko Fall is known to be a very friendly and huge player (2m29!), but his CV is very light. After 3 partial seasons in the NBA, he played very little with a very low point average (3 points then 2 points at the Celtics, 1 point at the Cavs), without convincing since he was sent to the lower leagues. As of this writing, he’s dominating MyTeam but really doesn’t have a franchise for the next season. So yes, we love playing Tacko (including yours truly having fun with his end game card) but it’s time to put the spotlight back on David Robinson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Patrick Ewing, Moses Malone, the current Joel Embiid or Nikola Jokic and of course on The late Bill Russell, who passed away this summer.


The year of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan's Out of Position card on NBA 2K22 MyTeam lets him play point guard, a fabulous, mostly badged version.  She stayed in the top 5 for a very long time.

Maybe the 2K22 map

© 2K

While basketball’s absolute GOAT will be honored in the Ultimate Edition of NBA 2K23 (number 23 obliges), he had three fabulous cards this year that allowed Jordan to make an impression. And that is changing! Usually, with a size and a power inferior to T-Mac, Carter and the giants landing on his post with the Out of Position (Giannis or KD in particular), Michael Jordan did moderately well on MyTeam: prestigious cards and therefore expensive but little meta, little played in the best teams. 2K22 changed that. MJ’s first sensation card was his Out of Position version which allows him to play leader, a fabulous, especially badged version, which remained in the top 5 cards for a very long time alongside Doncic’s Power Within. Despite a three-point 94, His Airness hits almost everything from distance and is untenable in the key, not to mention an excellent defense. His second Invincible card (leader/back) is an upgrade from Out of Position and is considered one of the top three cards in the game in this area along with Doncic Mystic and Kawhi Invincible leading. Finally, let’s add the amazing Zero Gravity card, which is worth nothing at auction (less than 5000 MT) and also monstrous on the back / wing side. In short, 2022 was the Boss’ great vintage.


The Shaq, that three-point beast?

Orlando Magic player Shaquille O'Neal plays a basketball game on the NBA 2K game.

A 3pts for Shaq, at the time of the Magic

© 2K

The anecdote that happens to you may be familiar to you but it deserves to be remembered as it is so funny. On 2K21, Shaquille O’Neal had an absolutely infamous Glitch card that allowed the former Lakers center to snap three-pointers from the locker room while showering. A card that dismantled the meta as it was cracked. On 2K22, the Shaq was clearly less dominant, relegated to the background by Manute, Tacko or Yao, but he still had very good skills to score three points. Where is the problem you say? Shaq’s questionable skill helped make his legend. If he was massive, overflowing with strength and rough on the man, he shot excessively badly, especially in the free throw, his great flaw. The three point, let’s not even talk about it since he didn’t know. In more than 1,200 career games, he attempted 22 and scored… only one. It must make him laugh to see himself so good on MyTeam at this exercise.


Jaden Ivey, Mom’s Son

Basketball player Jaden Ivey's 99 Next card in NBA 2K22's MyTeam mode.

Among the Next cards, dedicated to the rookies of the coming year, we can find Jaden Ivey whose draft was noticed. The Purdue player was picked in fifth place by Detroit when we saw him rather selected higher, by Sacramento, as he has enormous potential. During the announcement, he burst into tears in his mother’s arms and the cameras did not miss the scene. Because it was moving? That’s not the real reason! The Mom in question is anything but an unknown in the world of basketball, since it is Niele Ivey, one of the first assistant coaches in the history of the NBA, current successful coach of Notre Dame (a prestigious college in Indiana) and a former WNBA player. Note that the dad is a former NFL player for the San Francisco 76ers. If the father-son bond is common in the NBA (AJ Griffin and Jabari Smith in this draft again, Gary Payton II recently, Steph Curry son of Dell, etc.), finding a mother-son bond is already much rarer!


Don’t confuse Jokic and Jovic

The card of Serbian double MVP Nikola Jokic is the ultimate reward of the last season of this NBA 2K22 MyTeam.

Nikola Jovic… Jokic sorry!

© 2K

The Serbian double MVP Nikola Jokic is the ultimate reward of the last season of this NBA 2K22 MyTeam, but if we talked about him this summer it’s not really for that. During the draft, Nikola Jovic was called up, inevitably causing the web to react, as his identity is close to the Nuggets star. The 19-year-old, born in England, is also Serbian and joined Miami where he had a great Summer League. This is not the first time that in Serbia, Nikola Jokic has a Jovic in his paws, trying to jostle for popularity. The first was Luka Jovic, a footballing mix between Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic, excellent in Frankfurt, full of future, who came to Madrid to burst his career by chaining evenings and leaving in complete anonymity at Fiorentina. In the NBA, therefore, it will be necessary to get used to the two Nikolas and not to be mistaken about MyTeam when it comes to going through the auctions. Note that there are worse cases in the NBA since we have the Serbian Bogdan Bogdanovic of the Hawks (ex Kings) and the Croatian Bojan Bogdanovic of the Jazz. You have a headache ? No worries, the story ends there!


The NBA75 Card Trap

The Magic Johnson NBA 75 card, long the most expensive in the series on NBA 2K22 MyTeam.

Magic Johnson NBA 75, long the most expensive card in the series

© 2K

Since we were talking about the risks of making a mistake at auction below, let’s talk about one of the pitfalls experienced by some players during this season 8 with NBA 75 cards. When releasing series of cards dedicated to a same player, 2K has updated its NBA75 version released earlier in the year, to celebrate the league’s 75th anniversary. An excellent idea and often very big ups, in Dark Matter (note 99) with the following quality. For some players, they were great alternatives when End Game and Invincibles were too expensive (LeBron, Kawhi, Magic, Shaq). But lo and behold, depending on how you look for them at auction, the old versions, completely outdated now, mixed with the new ones, sometimes causing regrettable and costly incidents. A concrete example ? Type Kawhi, select NBA75 theme by skipping to limit yourself to black matters, find a card a little cheaper than the others, jump on it with both feet, leave with the Spurs player’s card 96 and not 99. Seum.

See you very soon for other anecdotes hiding behind your favorite cards on MyTeam, with a focus on the highlights of the careers of the players concerned.

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