NBA Brooklyn prêt à beaucoup exiger pour KD

The Celtics star KD absolutely wants to play with!

If Kevin Durant has been so linked to Boston for a few weeks, it’s not just because the Massachusetts franchise wants him. Indeed, it turns out that the winger would squint at one of his players, whom he would like to become a teammate soon.

The Kevin Durant file continues to grow, a new cador having landed in the race to purchase his services. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the Celtics continue to be strong contenders for the Nets superstar. The franchise has a lot of assets likely to interest New York leaders, and if a first offer had been refused by them, the next could well change everything. Everything will depend on the counterparty.

Unsurprisingly, the former Warrior has to follow all the rumors surrounding his potential arrival at Bean Town very closely. Not just because it could be his next home base, but also because he would love to play with a local big name, according to SNY. As far as possible, it would therefore be better for Boston not to let go of the latter… except that Brooklyn would not say no to the idea of ​​​​recovering him:

Kevin Durant big fan of Marcus Smart

During sees Boston as a desirable destination, according to people familiar with the matter. Durant would also like to play with Boston’s Marcus Smart if he’s traded to the Celtics, according to people familiar with the matter. The Athletic previously reported that Brooklyn wanted Smart included in the Celtics’ Durant trade package.

It’s unclear whether Boston and Brooklyn have moved forward on a deal. SNY reported last week that there was some pessimism that a Durant trade would be concluded in the near future. That was before Durant met with Nets governor Joe Tsai and gave him an ultimatum, asking him to trade him or fire general manager Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash.

It is not very surprising that the n°7 wishes so much to evolve alongside the point guard, given the CV of the latter. Present in the league since 2014, he has established himself as an indispensable player in Massachusetts. His strong point is obviously the defense, he who was crowned DPOY in 2021-22 in front of Rudy Gobert in particular and becoming the first guard to do so since 1996. Having such a guard dog available is obviously an advantage for a scorer like KD.

However, it is not only the purely sporting aspect to take into account in this case. As we know, Durantula is anything but a born leader, preferring to focus exclusively on the courts. However, Smart is known to be one of the anchors of the C’s workforce, along with Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. He could very well take on the role of locker room boss, while the winger would remain in the shadows. Again, the interest of the latter for the Bostonian makes sense.

Kevin Durant would therefore very much like to play with Marcus Smart, the qualities of the latter marrying very well with his on paper. It remains to be seen whether this will take place, and especially in what context, a trade from KD to the Celtics being far from guaranteed.

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