Le grand espoir français de LDLC Asvel, Victor Wembanyama, est encore apparu dans une photo virale, dans laquelle sa taille gigantesque choque

The incredible debate on Wembanyama which fascinates the Americans!

Doubt is not nearly no longer allowed: Victor Wembanyama will be the No. 1 in the 2023 Draft, succeeding many superstars. And franchises should fight to reclaim this precious choice, which has sparked a hilarious debate on social media.

Victor Wembanyama is expected to be the next prodigy of world basketball, and there is almost no doubt that he will be the No. 1 in the 2023 Draft. If young point guard Scoot Henderson, also from the 2004 generation, has impressed in G League last season when he was only 17 years old, he does not really measure up to the dream measurements of the French pivot. Her last Instagram photo has reminded everyone that he was what is called “a unicorn”.

Because a player like that only comes around once in a lifetime, any franchise not involved in the title chase might be thinking about losing games just to get Victor Wembanyama back. On social networks, fans are therefore starting to wonder what to name the frantic tanking that should take place at the bottom of the rankings. On Reddit, a user showed great creativity:

“Tank for the skinny guy”, the tanking race is on

What do you call the big tanking race for Victor Wembanyama next season? “Tank for the big skinny”, “Play like a foot for the French”, “Introduce despair for the new Gobert”.

With more than 1,000 likes and almost 250 comments, which is huge for a platform like Reddit, we can say that this debate has enthused Internet users, and the responses are obviously great. All users of this network have entered into a great contest to find the most suitable name for the mass tanking that should take place next season. Anthology:

Lose-o-rama for Wembanyama

Of all the comments, “Bricks for Vic” sounds the best.

Play like your moms for Wembanyama

Whatever the name given to the tanking that will take place in the coming months, the race should be unrestrained to recover Victor Wembanyama. Lottery night could mark a turning point story for some franchises!

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