Les superstars NBA Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid et James Harden bientôt réunies sous le maillot des Philadelphia 76ers ?

The “perfect” trade that would send KD with Harden and Embiid to the 76ers!

Newcomers to this file, the Sixers present interesting assets which could make them a serious candidate for the arrival of Kevin Durant. An enticing exchange has already been imagined in the US to bring together the Slim Reaper, James Harden and Joel Embiid under the same colors!

In order to speed up his departure process, he found himself obliged to extend his list of favorite destinations. As such, Kevin Durant would now make Philadelphia a possible base for him. This interest would be mutual according to the latest reports, which suggests that a deal could soon be in place. Even more, thinking back to the request launched by Joel Embiid a few weeks ago at his front office:

According to sources, while Kevin Durant’s interest in joining the 76ers remains unknown, Joel Embiid has made it clear to management that he expects them to explore all possible options to acquire Durant.

A KD-Embiid-Harden Big 3 in Philly? The ideal transfer

Upon learning of recent developments in this soap opera, and the appeal of Kevin Durant for their franchise, the leaders of the 76ers must at least consider a possible recruitment of the 2014 MVP. In all likelihood, this should be done without touching the star duo James HardenJoel Embiid. A strong package could therefore suit the Nets, and make it possible to form a stratospheric Big Three in Philly:

First of all, the presence of Tobias Harris in this deal seems inevitable for the sake of salary matching. For the rest, the young talents that are Matisse Thybulle, Jaden Springer, but especially Tyrese Maxey have something to interest Brooklyn. Also added to this offer would be the removal of the restriction placed on the 2027 1st-round pick from the Sixers, sent to the Nets as part of the James Harden trade, as well as the 2029 1st-rounder.

On the side of Philadelphia, the loss of Maxey is likely to cause disappointment, but would undoubtedly improve the team’s title chances for the coming season. Indeed, despite his immense potential, the young leader does not yet represent such a major asset as Durant, whose desire to join the 76ers is based on a specific player. All that remains is for the two teams to discuss this potential XXL exchange!

Faced with the reciprocal interest of Kevin Durant for the Sixers, this deal seems win-win for the two teams involved. What’s more, the good relations between the different front offices following the James Harden trade could help!

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